chat night

when is it?
what is it?
i saw “YoYoExpert Chat Night:
Every Thursday Night is Chat Night here at
From 8:00pm-9:00pm Eastern Standard Time come chat with other yo-yo players and get help on a trick, maintenance, or advice on a new yo-yo. It all happens here in the Chat!”

it’s not really happening anymore, but we still go!

Chat night was a time when André would come into the chat room and during that time would run a contest consisting of questions. The winner would receive a prize at the end. However, this part only happens when a member of the forum decides to run one.

People still tend to come in on Thursday evenings, but it’s just to talk and have a good time.

Chat night is just the best time to go onto chat. It doesn’t need to be a contest.

If it is a contest, this is what it would look like:

(yes, this is really what he said)

Did he recently say that, or was that from a while ago when they switched to the current chat room?

He said that many many months ago :smiley: That is what he said when we were gonna have a chat night game show.