Chat night

What happens on chat night? I cant use my com during that time because of parental boundaries. So what really happens?

Umm… We chat. Mostly about stupid things. lol

well chat night is like a trivia type of thing. Host asks questions we answer them to get points. person with most points in the end earns a prize(usually a yoyo or some special string)
Chat nights are no longer held by Andre so they only happen when people want to host them
(umm or we just talk throught the whole time it’s really fun)

Chat night is really a night in the chat room. Lots of people go in there. A great deal of fun in there when many people are chatting at one time.

There’s also an occasional contest with prizes. It’s like a game show where someone asks a question and the correct answer will get you points. Usually the one with the most points win.

The most recent one was held by Paolo, I believe. A few strings was up for grabs.

I suggest that you find a way to join. It’s hard to describe what happens there.

Xdohls made a surprise one when there were more than the usual people in the chat.
But no one but woever was there really knew about it…

I should host another one.

Yeah, but make it a good prize. A few strings isn’t really a big prize :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, I’ve won every single chat night held by André, except for one :frowning:


It better than Xdohls’ prize :stuck_out_tongue:

But really, I was gonna give one of my yoyos to the winner. Probably gonna get a modded mosquito done. Good enough for ya? :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, its hard for me to come to chat night, when all of you are up chating, its like 12am here in hawaii…haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Whats the usual? 10? More? Less?

Usual…I consider 2 or 3 “usual”. When Xdohl did it, there was 14 I think

Wow! big improvement :wink:

For André’s chat nights, there are around 20-30 people.

It was fun back then…

Back when?