Chat Night

At the home page of this website it says something about chat night. I was just wondering what that was.

Chat Night, well, we don’t have it anymore. What it was, it was like a game show. Andre would ask 10 questions. Answer them right, you get a point for each you get right. You need at least 2 points to get into round 2. After, the winner would get a prize. The others, he would give out a t-shirt. The guess a number from 1-20 thing for a shirt.

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Thanks for the post. To bad yall don’t have chat night any more. :frowning:

Why we don’t have chat night anymore? :o

I think Andre is pretty busy, so he can’t really do it.

Fixed :wink:

Thanks. :slight_smile:

He actually said there were too many people to handle for the chat night, which is why he stopped.

Really, where did he say that?

Ouch… he probably said it in a pm. Aww… I guess the random YYE contest up now is a replacement :frowning:


Oh okay.

I think you guys miss the point - chat night doesn’t mean there HAS to be a game.

It is more likely the night that you will find people on to chat too - as in we pick one night and designate it a chat night in case people are wondering when a good time to be on is.

And yes - the game show is difficult to run with so many people so we are re-thinking a new approach. :wink:


Yeah. We still usually end up having tons of people on a few nights a week and often on Thursdays.

i remember 1 chat night had 24 people!

I think the new Chat Night is on Sunday.