chat night??

Hey i saw a post that said that lot of ppl got free yoyo from chat night.
just wondering watz a chat night??

Chat night used to be a night where Andre hosts a little trivia thing and whoever wins can win anything from strings to yoyos. Unfortunantly Andre is too busy to hosts these anymore so there is no chat night, feel free to join in chat on chat night days though, it can get more than 20 people on at once.

Yeah. Chat night is more of a gathering now where we talk about yoyoing and other things. From what I saw a few weeks back (haven’t been on much lately), chat gatherings are usually on sunday now.

I was going to make a thread about a week back, forgot to I guess.

I think we should start organizing some of these, I’ll try to do something.

It was pretty cool. I won all the chats night, except for the second one. Good stuff.

I was just thinking we should do this again last night, but then I thought it would be hard with a hundred people in the chat… YoYoExpert has grown.

Ahh, the good old days. If those of us really want this to come back, anybody that wants to volunteer should help crowd management. I’ll gladly volunteer!