Chat Night brought to you by Starscreem88


YoYoExpert has been very busy this past month with work on and other projects related to YoYoExpert.
We unfortunately have not had a chat night in a long time but don’t worry - we do plan to officially bring it back once in awhile sometime down the road and do something a little different and fun with it.

For now Starscreem88 has offered to host his own version of a chat night this Thursday May 14th.
I will assume 8:00pm as is usual but will allow him to announce official times.

He has very generously offered 17 “Blue Moon” Strings to the winner who will also get a YoYoExpert T-Shirt!

Have fun - questions can be posted here but since this isn’t an official chat should not be directed directly towards us ( Thanks.


neato! wat time PST?


I’ll let you guys decide - Should I compete? :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Wait…I get free PF strings…and I already have a YYE T-Shirt…


lol,its ur choice,but you already have all the prizes so I dont see why compete,but do it if u want to


Not to be mean but please don’t, I want a chance this time ;D ;D ;D

What’s “Blue Moon” String?


Its durable string thats almost dark blue and regular blue. Its a cool color.

(J. Lev) #7

I want in :slight_smile:


But I’m giving away a prize from me beside a t-shirt, If you want another shirt, you can.

Happy Throwing! =]


Maybe 4:00

Happy Throwing! =]


Also I think I will give another prize with 17 blue moon strings and YYE T-shirt.

Happy Throwing! =]

(Mark) #11

This is great! I am going to join because it’s been a while. 4:00 PST… I am guessing thats 7:00?

(_|@<06) #12

whats a chatnight :frowning: i want in from what it sounds!


Okay guys - I’m in!

I can almost guarantee that I’m not gonna win this time though :slight_smile:


I’m in! I need a T-Shirt for my Talent Show Freestyle. It’d be awesome to have a yo-yo T-Shirt.

So 4:00 Pacific = 7:00 East


Basically, questions are asked. First to answer correctly gets a point. Then there is a final round and you can get a chance to win stuff.



Wait, how do u compete in a chat?


Just go into the chat on Thursday at 4:00PM PST.


Ok, but how do you compete? There is no way to physiclly compete, so how can you win?


He types up some questions and first one to answer it correctly (Via Online Chat) will get it right!


OOOOOOHHHHH, that makes much more sense! :smiley: ;D :wink: