Chat night!!!

So i joined this forum like a day after chat night ended.(blah)So i think we should start chatnight up again but make it to were only like a certain amount of people can go in and if you were in the last chat night you shouldnt be allowed to go to the next one,just so more people have a chance.

Also i think we should have more contests.Like were you have to make a video and theres like 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,and 5th place and they all get a prize and up to 10th place they should get like a yoyoexpert tshirt or something.I think alot of the yoers on this site cant afford these great yoyos but with a contest like this they would be able to get more throws.Or just have like more sales like you did with the dv888.


Yeah, that would be great since we don’t have money to buy all the stuff that we don’t need, or want. So, WHO IS going be the one to pay for this stuff?

I hope he restarts chat night again. What happened to chat night though?

charge money to enter the contest

Thats a good idea. I actually hope something like this gets considered.

hey id pay im not very good but it would be fun but maybe only do it once a month or something like that.

People are free to run “chat night” contests. I don’t remember if it was Samad or J-ram that did a few months ago.

One of us should organize one again. If anyone wants to organize one with me, shoot me a PM

I remember them… Samad owned all of us. :stuck_out_tongue:

i was on chat night the other day and there was like 2 people.

I don’t understand where you were looking, but wherever you heard about chat night from would also have said that chat night doesn’t happen anymore. Yeah you could always just go in and chat, but the event “chat night” doesn’t happen anymore.

oh alright thanks for that information. :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh… yeah. I won every single one, except the second one. I came in second place though. >.<