Metal Versions of Plastics and Vice Versa

yyj makes a LOT with identical shapes, so that would be a good place to start

RecRev did a LOAD of Delrin versions of they’re throws. TA-1 and the TA-1S and others.

Lucha Libre was a delrin version of the Luchador by ThrowDown.

P22 was a delrin version (kind of an homage) of the Catch 22. It was made by ILYY.

DMII and the HEX?

Grind Machine and Grind Machine 2? Never played either, so I may be way off here.

YYJ Classic to Ringmaster
RecRev has a ton some named TA-1 or something, pretty sure a delrin octave is here somewhere
Weight rings were added to the sOMEThING Superfly Remix to make the Phaser
One Drop Code 2 turned into the Rally
3YO3 Ti5 to Al5
Superfly Remix to Crazy D
There are probably tons more out there

That was one of the first that came to my mind. I know the dm2 isn’t all plastic but in my opinion any plastic (besides maybe caps) makes it a plastic

Not even close.

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Just to clarify. The rally isn’t a plastic code 2. The shape is just based off of it.

Draupnir and triad.


this thread has turned into a “name all throws with similar shapes” thread

Hitman and the Metal hitman.

Sandglass and PSG? not sure if it has been mentioned before.

Speeder and speed maker

Eneme Xconvict and Speeder Meteor.

Duncan Butterfly and any butterfly shaped yoyos out there.
Duncan Imperial and any imperial shaped yoyos out there.

I’m still Googling some of these for photos, but the profiles on those two seem pretty different. Are the bodies both plastic too?

If anyone can post a photo of that all metal Hitman, I’d like to take a look at it. I couldn’t find one to post. That must be a nice collectible.

From another board:


Material - aluminum
Weigth - 80 g (too heavy)
BB - Swiss made 13 x 5 mm (biger, wider and faster then original)
Response system - 2 o-rings
Axle - 4 mm stainless stell
Unfortunately the image has been taken down. There were some pics on Skilltoys as well.

There were a total of 10 made. These were 70 grams.

I did manage to find some images of one of the limited production versions. In the second image, it’s the one on the right.

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If I remember right the underdog was a metal version of the fh1

The Trigger and the Diamondback