Metal Versions of Plastics and Vice Versa

I’m curious who can help me come up with a list of plastic yo-yos that have a metal version, or vice versa. I’m going to start, and see if you guys can think of more.

  1. Freehand Zero, later made into Freehand AL.
  2. Severe, later made into Delrin Severe.
  3. Protostar, later made into Rockstar.
  4. Dark Magic, made into Legacy, then Trinity
  5. Berserker, made into Alpha Crash
  6. Maxbet, made into Maxbet Delrin
  7. Leviathan, made into Leviathan Delrin
  8. Agonist, made into Antagonist
  9. Frequency Wave, made into F(x) (let me know of that’s the right order)
  10. Hitman and Metal Hitman

Update 9/24/14

I’m going to add a question to this. What yo-yo would you like to see a metal or plastic version of it?

Protostar= Rockstar

That’s a good one. I need a Rockstar too. :-\ I updated the list.

Legacy/Dark Magic. Not really a metal version of plastic but sort of.

Chaser/Next Level

Ever heard of the trinity?

With the Dark Magic/Trinity/Legacy, it’s a plastic-metal made into a plastic and a metal.

Berserker = Alpha Crash?

Chief = Yeti?

CODE 2 = Rally?

I was thinking about mentioning the chief and yeti since the profiles are so similar. However the yeti is larger, heavier, and does not have the double rims of the chief. It all depends on whether you’re looking for plastic copies of metals (or vice versa) or very similar plastic/metal yoyos

The first well known pairs are probably Hitman/Lyn and SP/SPM
These pairs may just have similar genral profiles and play nothing like each other.
Anglam/Angle/Addiction/theV(upside down A?)
Phaser/Superfly Rem./CrazyD

Metal zero and freehand mg.

How about different metals?
VNYYC Skywalker & Ti Walker

Here’s a perfect example of plastic and metal versioning.

These are the Turning Point MaxBet, both Metal & Delrin & Leviathan Metal & Delrin.
It gave you a great feel for what difference the materials make to the same shape.

Given the density difference between the materials, don’t expect them to play the same. The HitMan/Lyn are prime examples, even though one was metal/plastic and the other all plastic. The limited edition all metal HitMan played different than the HM & Lyn.

RecRev F(x) and Freq. Wave is one.

There are a few recrev models in metal and delrin.

Inspire and Next Level

I’m mainly looking for metals that were made to be metal versions of a plastic. Or, plastics that were supposed to literally be a plastic version of a metal. There are some close ones, and you can continue posting those too. But, I’m mainly curious about those intended to be a different version of the same throw (made of different material). Feel free to critique the list going in the main post.

For example, I remember the Alpha Crash was advertised to be based on the Berserker, so I consider that one legit. Also, Legacy is described as designed from the Dark Magic, and advertised that way. I believe these are close enough to make the list, among others. Whether throws should be on the list can be up for debate.

Agonist and Antagonist.

I just Googled it, I’ll add that.

Trigger and Diamondback