Meeting the Pros?


Has anyone ever met a Professional thrower that they thought would be cool, but ended up being a jerk?

Lol kind of a ridiculous question but I wanna know.


No, I’ve only met pro players who were even nicer in real life than I thought they’d be.



Oh lol.


The only yoyoer I’ve ever met is gentry… He’s really nice and has such a deep voice. but I think a lot of people have met him though.


Every one I’ve ever met was also very nice. The nicest being Maya, who bowed to me no less than three times after I asked her to sign my case.


I have met a bunch and I have a very strong opinion on the matter… So here goes…

Most of the pro’s I have met have been VERY nice… BUT when you meet them at contests they tend to be VERY serious and “in the zone” (working on their freestyle) and at times can appear to be standoffish. This is not all of them but many… THIS also is NOT the time to go up to one of them and introduce yourself. When a “pro” is off in a corner with their headphones on and working on their FS that LAST thing you should do is walk up to them and start chatting… BUT when they are just around and chatting with others… That is the best time to talk to them. Remember these people are no different than any of us. And to be honest most of us can yoyo better than about 95% of the human race… Think about that!!! hehe…

I also have noticed that many “pros” are young and well… a bit socially awkward… When you talk to them and shake their hand they can give you the weak handshake and or not look you in the eye… Many young people can be like this not just yoyoers. I work with many younger people (16-25) and you can see it a lot more on the younger side of that spectrum. And then there are some pros who are just ALWAYS a joy to be around. Some are shy, introverted, quiet while others are extroverted, chatty and downright a joy to be around. I guess it all depends on the person.


I heard that Tyler Severance is very snotty…

Anyone ever meet him?


Mmm he’s usually nice, but sometimes he can be a bit rude.


You’ve met him? What’d he say to you? :stuck_out_tongue: ???


We had our conversations. It’s just that sometimes he’s in that minimal response mood, like one word answers, basically implying, “Go away.”


I was actually working with him for the past 2 weeks when yyf was touring in Roseville. He is pretty laid back and has a good sense of humor, but when it’s time to get business done, he gets serious. And now, we have been texting and emailing back and forth because he is giving me some tips on doing demonstrations.


Ah ok.


Yes. At CalStates 2012. I had to deal with some music stuff for him before the contest. I didn’t get the impression of “snotty” at all. He was serious about getting the music issue resolved, but also laid back at the same time.


I’m guessing when Tyler’s at comps, he’s got some YYF related business to tend to as well as his competition stuff, quite often in both 1A and 5A divisions.



Haha dude, professional yoyoers aren’t celebrities. 9 out 10 pros are going to be like you and me, someone who just loves to yoyo but happen to be very good at it. It’s not like they are paid millions of dollar like a professional athlete they get free yoyos and represent a company with there amazing talent.


Oh ok. I kinda got the impression from some people that he’s kinda rude.

I guess not! Looks like he might be a nice guy. :slight_smile:

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Professional yoyoers DO NOT want to be treated like celebrities. Some people get way to excited about getting their autograph or meeting them. Don’t do that, they’re just regular people who just got really good at yoyoing.


Every pro I have meet have been deliciously awesome.

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Including yourself right? hahahaha


Jensen Kimmitt is just as wacky in real life then anywhere else.

Also, he can’t take normal pictures. He always does something goofy in front of a camera.