If you could meet any yoyo player...

In this thread post one yoyo player, that’s right just one, who you would want to meet, and have them teach you tricks.

I would want to meet Zach Gormley.

I would meet you ;D

Well thank you. ;D

I’d like to meet Michael Montgomery! Great guy and seems like a lot of fun to be around.

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Ernest Kahn! always my favorite player

2nd would be Palli because imagine learning his tricks! and Palli is awesome too

Embarrassingly enough, probably Ann Connolly. Her stuff was a lot of what I saw when I first came back into throwing. Alternatively I’d stalk John an figure out what sort of nonsense magic he uses on his bearings :slight_smile:

i would have to agree i love watching anns routines they are always so cool looking. and as a second it was have to be harold owens III

Dat my boy!

Andrè, because he is the AWESOMEST yoyo player. And right after that it’d be Greg P.

Gentry Stein would be third.


Tom Smothers I guess

i didn’t say Andrè because i feel oddly like i already met him, he’s a completely awesome person and he runs his business with the utmost respect and integrity, just plain awesomeness!

I met him last Nationals. Very cool guy. Yes, you would like to meet him.

Vilmos Zoltan Kiss. We’ve emailed and communicated quite a bit and he was very helpful. He seems like a great guy.

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Funny story, when I was at worlds, I cought one of Mr. Yoyoguy’s friends staring at her for like 2 minutes straight. It would have been so funny if she saw him.

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Can’t decide between Adam Brewster and Paul Dang.

Ahh… there’s so many… Probably… Jensen Kimmitt :slight_smile:

Well, I already met him technically, but it was super quick and I only asked him two questions about the Shutter (before it was released). I seemed tired and kind of annoyed about how many people were asking him questions about it, LOL. And he didnt teach me any tricks, LOL.

Anyway…you have almost surely guessed it by now, but I would love to hang out with…


Jensen, Chuck, Ann… Zach… Gentry… I know most of my other favorite players.