Medium YYF metal?

This post is mainly directed at yoyofactoryben, but a little debate about the matter won’t do harm.

So I was looking at all the YoYoFactory metals in production. And what I see is the Frantic, Hectic, Dv888 and 888 which are all small yoyos. And then I see the G5, DNA and SuperStar which are all big yoyos. So Now I am hoping for a medium-sized YoYofactory metal, even better, a fundaMETAL. I think it would be great to have a reasonable price yoyo hitting that 53-54 mm mark.

It might be a lot to request here, but I would really like to see a medium-sized yoyo with original design combined with YoYoFactory’s precise machining and a reasonable price-tag. You have the 50mm yoyos out there and you have the 55+ mm yoyos out there. So why hesitate on a 53 mm yoyo?

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How about 52mm ;D

You know, now that I think of it, there are not a whole lot of 52-54mm Diameter yo-yos out there.
Off the top of my head,
YoYoJam K-os
GeneralYo 5Star
Werrd TFL
Werrd 4xl
RecRev Bad Rep
Crucial Cream

I don’t think YYF makes one in this size. In the back of my head, I want to say that they do but I can’t remember 100%. Anyone remember what the specs on the Grind Mutant 2 were? I seem to remember then being slightly shorter than the g5. I am probably way off though

Yeah, maybe a medium sized 888!

Thinking of the lines that DV8 sounds like Deviate,

I was thinking that they could make a medium 888/DNA, called the A9-08! (Annihilate?)

I know thats a lame pun. But it would be kinda cool ;D

I was kinda hoping for something new. And just like dryoyo said, there are not too many mediums out there (You can add Bully and CUT to the list). And seeing how people LOVE the 5-star and Cream, I don’t see how putting a yoyo in this size on the market can be risky. If made well (YoYoFactory will probably make it well IF they even make it) people might just jump it.

Addment: The Grind Mutant 2 is really hard to get your hands on though. Only 15 out there.

I know, I was just trying to remember the diameter.


Pheenix, I e-mailed them a while back for something like that, they didn’t even bother.

Don’t try it. You’ll be lucky if they even do.

Well an e-mail from one person is a lot different from a whole message board. I hope that a lot of people are in on this, because it is a decent idea. And Ben should sleep on this.

I too, am hoping for this, but making a yo-yo is a lot of work.

Why do you think I picked YoYoFactory. If one company says that it’s a lot of work to make a yoyo, YoYoFactory release something new and laugh in the other company’s face.

Addment: That won’t really happen. I just think that YoYoFactory can step up to the challenge. I could try HSpin, they are VERY open to the community, but HSpin won’t hit the 70 dollar price tag.

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Pheenix, I completely agree with you. I would love a 53-54mm YYF yoyo for around $70. It’s quite interesting actually, that YYF only produces big and small yoyos, but no medium yoyos.

The BvsM is almost 53. Just saying.

One more for the list of mediums.

And again, I want YoYoFactory to do this because they will make it more affordable, which is a +. The BvsM is already at 110 dollars, which can’t compete with the fundaMETAL line.

They should make one. It would be cool.

(This is cool.) 8)

If you’re trying to say that YYF has bad service…

Well, you really don’t know what you are talking about.

Ben posted a thread on YYN and asked what the community wanted from YYF.

He also gave my friend free Z-Stacks and offered to give him a whole new Superstar for free because the paint was a little thick at the nubs.

YYF has some of the best service and best innovation in the yoyo world.

Isn’t the G.5 about 52-55 mm?

I think this is a great Idea, I got to try a bvm and a 5star and I really like the size of them.

(thanks fo getting this started pheenix)

Please edit your post right away.

I don’t want to say that YYF has bad customer service, but they are not the only one with good customer service. If you’ve taken a look at the ano defect P2s that went for 75 at the One Drop store, you will see that the only defect is a tiny circular spot in the IRG. My first M1 had this defect, and somehow, I managed to end up with two M1s.

But yeah, YoYoFactory customer service is said to be top class (never been in contact with them)

And Ben is open to suggestions from the community. He is frequently posting in his own thread at YYN where people are coming with suggestions all the time. And he has been cooperative on several of the ideas in that particular thread.

Addment: He did turn down stuff like dice stacks and white anodizing (Dice stacks don’t give any profit and white ano=super-expensive yoyo.

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I’d dig it.

I am liking Medium sized and larger yos now, why I love Black Knight (Wat oversized and heavy) and Cream.

When my PGM broke I contacted YoYoGuy, and I must say it wasn’t the best service. We called them and no reply for 2 days. We had to send it in which took 4 days, it took them about two weeks to look at it and then just sent it back and said “Ok, It’s broken!” in which we called (No answer) and asked for a refund. Took a day or so for them to get back to us. I know they are very busy but…

I have heard great things about YYF service. :wink:

If you think about it,

A lot of people’s preference are either small or big. WIth a medium, then it would fit both preferences! Great thought Pheenix.