I want to see something REALLY oversized


I don’t know how many other oversized throw lovers there are out there besides me, but here’s what I want to see:
70ish Diameter
55ish Width
80ish Grams
Organic shape

I’m a big guy with really big hands. I love my bigger throws. I want to know how the Chief feels to normal-sized people.
Stop messing around and someone make me a monstrosity of a throw! 8)


The Big Yo by YYJ.


Also I want it to be metal, and for 1A.


The H5 by C3 is pretty much the closest you’ll get to that size.


That’s my point, brother! It’s not all that big, and it’s not really organic either.


The Crucial Jirorian is the closest I can think of. 68mm diameter, 43mm width, 70g weight.



Or a werrd sentinel sorta

(Owen) #8

Weird Sentinel yo, the best choice homie!

Unless you’re thinkin reall real big, then get a Big Yo… :wink:


Sentinel isn’t all that big.


something REALLY oversized…


Cmon… were talking BIG yoyos. thats not even close to oversized… :wink:

the reason they dont make metal yoyos that big is …
A) you and probably 5 other people will actually buy them
B) they would be ridiculously heavy/pricey

You wouldn’t want it after you bought it… it would be so hard to use for 1a being so big and you dont want to use an expensive metal for 4a. This is one of those things where you think it would be awesome at first then after a while you dont know what you were thinking… sorry :frowning:


You think I could make it unresponsive?


Have you seen the yoyo Landon made out of a bicycle hub if you look in the 3yo3 thread it should be there


so maybe the H5xChief? one of my all time favorites

there’s really not much in that size and I think the H5 and H5xChief are as good as it gets


that’s not oversized, THIS is oversized


I wouldn’t say either one of those statements has to be true.

  1. I bet a lot of people would buy a yoyo that is 70-75mm, i know i would.
  2. They don’t have to be heavy… Weight distribution and thickness/type of the metal would determine weight, not necessarily size. I don’t think that as a rule it would be pricey, if it is organic shape, and big, it wouldn’t take as much machine work as something like a chief does, and it may not be all that expensive.

Just saying my opinion, i might be wrong.


YYF made the superwide and monster for relatively decent prices. This wouldn’t take any more material than that. It obviously wouldn’t be competition level at this size, so a little extra weight isn’t bad. Spread over that much volume you wouldn’t feel it as heavy as it is. My heaviest FEELING yoyo is my mighty flea because it’s so dense.
I think that they would sell pretty well, at least as a novelty, and if a good designer made them, they’d be am absolute blast for casual play.

(Alex Fairhurst) #18


This is the yoyo Landon won the 2011 mod contest with. Specs:
71.48 mm. dia
46.58 mm width
100.7 grams

He let me try one out and it was HUGE! Very heavy, and it made a cool noise while spinning.



Yes, this. I want to try this. Not organic at all, but SO COOL.
Did it hurt on the catch?