Looking for a very specific throw

I know exactly what I want I just haven’t been able to find it. Maybe someone else knows the yoyo for me. Here’s what I want…


Width: ABSOLUTELY NO LESS THAN 44mm, and no more than 48mm
Diameter: Between 54 and 58mm
Weight: Between 67 and 71g
Gap Width: Between 4 and 5.20mm
Bearing: Size C
Response: Has to be able to accept silicone


My favorite shape is the classic smooth curve shape of throws like the YYF 44 and the new RecRev Sharp, but I also like H type shapes like on the Bassalope and Protostar. Really the only type of shape I would never accept would be V shapes like on the Catch 22 and MVP.


Alright well lets say 0 is totally solid and 10 is really floaty, I like it at about 4 - 7 not super picky about that. As far as speed goes, I don’t play super fast so it doesn’t need to be super fast. about medium speed is great, a little less than that is also fine.


It’s gotta be metal. All metal.


This is the hard part. I have to be able to find it for less than $70. Don’t ask me why, I’m just not going to pay any more than $5 over that, I won’t do it.

Soooo, if you know the throw for me please say so. Please don’t send me any offers right now, I’m still just looking. Thank you in advance to any one who can help!

Hmmm…large sized metal yoyo? There is currently no metal yoyo over 44mm in width except for Superwide. And rarely does a metal yoyo overcome 54mm. Are your preferences negotiable?

These are great yoyo’s and probably you are going to get one of them, but they don’ fit your preferences:

Out of all, I would say Y-Factor.You can make another thread on those yoyo’s.

I’ve looked at all of the yoyo’s you listed and none of them are the right one. Does my perfect throw just really not exist?

Your perfect throw does not exist. Sorry. But does you preference have to be so precise? Because a good metal yoyo has a smaller diamater and such size and width only appears on plastic yoyos.

Yeah it has to be precise. I’ve played with a lot of yoyo’s and now I just wanted to get the perfect one for me in metal. I don’t I’ll just wait maybe someone else will know of one.

There are at least a few. Examples: ILOVEYOYO Falcon, YYF Severe are over 44mm in width and at least 54mm in diameter. They don’t meet many of your other specs though. Good luck!

From the look of it, BBYY Juvenile Offender looks really close to your demands, I mean, preferences :). I’ve never played one though.

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The closest I can think of is the boss… Take a look, it’s a tad undersized, and a little light, but it accepts silicone, is entirely matal and is size c… But it’s 15$ more than you want, but like I said, just take a look and consider it

Not much, and the Severe is very much over the price. There is no yoyo in that price range that meets that size. There is NO YOYO.

How about the Juvenile Offender? Not more than $5 over $70, like he said. And he could possibly buy a used yoyo.

Yeah, that’s true for a used yoyo. But brand new, hmmm IDK. He’s gonna have to try researching Juvenile Offender.

Unfortunately, there really is no perfect throw if you rely on just 1 yoyo. You have to spend and buy several to experiment and see which ones you like best. Sometimes even if you try out a throw for an hour, its still not enough to draw a conclusion. You have to own it a couple of weeks before you can really feel if you like or love it or hate it. Among my metals, I currently own the Spyy Pro and Supra, Chaotic, 888x, Yuuksta, Quark, Singularity, Rec Rev Sharp, and Meteor. But I’ve had to buy, discover and sell again only to buy again over several months to help narrow the field and to try out different forms and weights that are good for my style.

I can tell you with the current collection I have now, several models have the low wall gap which I favor greatly for side style tricks with zero drag. And with the different weights it’ll help freshen up the feel when you rotate your throws. I highly recommend the Rec Rev Sharp, which I reviewed here last month. It is excellent. It’s full size, heavy and long spinning with a nice wide gap. It has the best bead blast out of all my metals as it feels like glass and grinds awesome. NO IRGS though. And the hat pads are the best silicone pads I have seen as of yet as they perform better than the standard silicone pads found in yyf or yyj or spyy even. They are awesome. It plays as good as the more expensive metals period. The Spyy Pro is also an excellent full size throw which I reviewed here last month as well (although nearly 2x the price). I’ve attached a couple pics here with both the rec rev and the pro.

Good luck-

maybe recev sharp is the best, but the width is 41,6mm and weight is 71,3 gram

You know, that’s the best the width will go. The best preferenced yoyo will probably be this.

skeletonboy333, you really need to check your grammar before you post, not trying to start a fight it’s just kinda hard to understand you sometimes.

As for the Juvenile Offender… YES! That’s really exactly what I was looking for thank you for bringing it up, I had completely forgot about BBYY. Thank you so much FiveIronBrian!

Some good points you bring up man. The thing is I’ve tried many throws and bought MANY throws and this time I just wanted to find one with the exact specifications I posted. Perhaps I should have titled this, “Looking for a certain throw”, rather than perfect throw. Anyways thanks for the suggestions I was actually planning on getting a Sharp eventually but I just really wanted to find a large metal that met my exact specs so that I could try something new. I want that big width but not SUPER big width like the super wide has. I think I’ve found it with the Juvenile Offender.

Uhhh…I am not trying to fight or argue.

I don’t think I was arguing in this thread, am I? Well, if it looks like I was arguing, then sorry, but I can honestly tell I was not arguing. And I forgot such thing as Juvenile Offender so I din’t list that. But that doesn’t mean I am fighting. Cheers. :smiley:

I get your feeling now… right now I’m checking out throws that only weigh 65 or 65.5 grams hehe. I like that weight a lot. And about this thread you could always modify the title in order to attain more specific feedback. Good luck with the Juvenile Offender!

Oh dude I wasn’t saying you were fighting I just didn’t want to offend you by saying you had bad grammar. It’s all good man :smiley:

Exactly what I was getting at man. I just edited the title :wink: