Medium skilled player yoyo


I am looking for a yoyo that is good for medium skilled player but will last to the pro level. I have a budget of 30$.
Does anybody have recommendation?



Alpha crash(19.99$), magic n12(depends on site but lowest is 16.00$), yyj classic(10$ without upgrades and atleast 20$ with bearing and response), yyf proto or North Star(30$).


Thank you very much!


^ Absolutely said it all. Just wanted to add that the “Northstar” is now called the “Shaqlerstar”. :slight_smile:


The Yoyojam Surge is excellent, and only $16.


Depends… Does medium skilled mean you can bind yet? If so, a protostar is excellent but its $35, great choice if you can go a bit above your budget. If not, an alpha crash is a good choice for $20. If you want a metal, get a magic yoyo. If you can’t bind yet, you should get a Legacy II, $24, it comes with a slim bearing for responsive play and a speed bearing for unresponsive play when you’re ready.




It looks exactly the same as my original ???

edit: OHHH, wait i got it, my bad :smiley:


Look at the yoyojam trigger $27 plays with the best of my throws


What did he fix??? I read it like 3 times…


Originally i put “it comes with a slim bearing for unresponsive play and a speed bearing for unresponsive play when you’re ready” :smiley: but i changed it haha


Does the Shaqlerstar is a responsive yoyo? And if yes can we change the bearing to turn it unresponsive?


it is just unresponsive just like the trigger is just as good if not a little better but it all depends on preference the trigger play on the floaty side compared to the shaqlerstar but it still has great spin times.


Does the surge is a responsive yoyo? Because I looked on YouTube, yoyo expert blog page and other things like that and I didn’t find the answer on my own, if no does all the ball bearing yoyos are unresponsive?
Sorry to bother you guys with all those small questions.


Not all ball bearing yoyo are unresponsive (though most of the are). Yoyojam uses narrow bearings in some of its lower-end models. It’s just a slim bearing which makes the yoyo responsive.

For the bearing width, look for 0.250". That’s the unresponsive size. 0.125" is responsive.


Speed bearings are unresponsive :stuck_out_tongue: a responsive yyj bearing is called a slim bearing haha


YYJ Trigger
YYJ Surge
YYJ Classic
YYF Shaqler/Proto/North Stars
Adegle PSG
Adegle Asteroid
C3yoyodesign Alphacrash
All these yoyos are around or under $30.


What was I thinking. Shows how much I know my YYJ ;D


So it means that the surge is responsive?


Nope, it’s unresponsive.