me anglam got dinged!!
i got it barely a week ago and yet! dinged it!! heck no!

im sick of this! why must it happen?! the worst day of my life :

#1 worst day ever: the day i dinged my anglam cc

#2 worst day ever: the day i dinged my Leviathan

#3 worst day ever: the day i dinged my Summit

and… gnnnnuh!!

this is too much, anybody got a dinged anglam? it’s always the same, you play em, you ding em…

do professional players (let’s say hiroyuki/harold owens, jensen ect…) ding their throws as well?

Your life must be awesome.

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You can now play it without worry :stuck_out_tongue:


true lol…i noticed that as well, once it’s hit, it’s like whatever, let it die or something XD

cmon man, not cool

Dings do suck but the damage could be much worst. I feel for you but does this really need to be under reviews.

Umm It’s just damage…

Also I don’t think you should be using that language, it doesn’t bother me at all but for others it might.

meh, damage isn’t just damage when it hits a 200$ throw

is this a summit btw?

ça c’est balot :x

let’s just say it’s now a fully grown throw ;D

c’est le moin qu’on puisse dire, sa t dejà arriver sur un Hi end?

you call that fully grown?
more like ready to throw anywhere anytime :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t get we wrong if I owned and damaged an Anglam it would suck alot, I wouldn’t let it bring your day down though.

It’s a 1st run FG Arctic Circle.

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yea, too bad :confused:

all of my throws have dings now, most of them are hi end too… so yea, i was wondering if there are people who don’t ding their throws, does that even exist?

Bien sûr, Anglam, TP, YYR, Ti Walker et j’en passe :wink:

Yeah, that’s what I meant, It’s ready to see the world xD

No matter how good you are, there’s always a risk when throwing

mon dieu le massacre :-X
t’es immunisé maintenant nan? :smiley:

lol, i can now yoyo outside with it! yay, an added feature XD…oh and make that 2 cause of the added vibe XD

#1 best day, when you stop caring about dings on your toys :wink:


HAHA, that’s pretty straightforward but yea lol

#2 best day: when they reduce the prices on those blingy hi ends

#3 best day: when the companies accept returns and exchanges when it gets dinged

ouais, c’est l’habitude xD
ça fait longtemps que tu joues?

yeah, that’s right, you just need to lose this obsessional fear of damaging a yoyo, no matter how expensive it is, in the end it’s just a toy :slight_smile:

I play with them like they are meant to be played with. It’s a toy. But if I buy a yoyo for collection sake, it collects dust and I play with it over carpet.

Just have fun with it! Or do we need to see that picture again of the yoyo’s “near mint”?


je joue depuis fevrier 2013, mais j’ai progresser presque aussi vite que harrison lee, alors sa veut pas dire grand chose, les palm grinds et l’horizontal me sont accessible depuis 5/6 mois déja… toi t’es un vétéran de guerre nan? XD

Sir! no sir!

thanks for the tip, i try to keep that in mind…just that i never get used to dinging it for the “first” time… i like to call that the un-minting process XD

All of my throw’s have damage. When it first started out I cared so much but now, I really don’t cared.

I marked my Prestige like 2 days after I got it.