MB's Powder Thread! Come & see the power of powder!


YYF SuperG multi color powder coat…


ILYY Noctu in a custom, by me, blended powder coat…
True color changing effects!


Pulsefire in UV/black light reactive red powder coat…
Only pics of it under normal light right now. Hard for me to capture the other effect with the black light. Working on pics of that. It glows like an irradiated orange!


that’s so cool! got any other cool colors of that type?


They offer a few in the UV. Green, yellow a pink I believe the red and an orange.
Some new neons and glows as well.


Pulsefire in the sun…


Exit8 powder coated in a “leatherette”…
The feel of leather, sort of, and the look of a rust. Good at grinding for a powder coat.


G2 Albatross in “Lava Lamp” powder coat…


CLYW Canvas “Punk” powder coated…
Mash up of several Steampunk related items.


although I don’t like brown, you always amaze me with your designs. very impressive.


Honestly a true work of art


“Rust leatherette” is the powder name. Overall I’m not wild about brown but this was a natural for the base of this project. It has very small flecks of colors and gives a rusty type look. Good grinder as well since it is a texture similar to leather. I know that sounds weird but being flat gloss and ever so slightly textured it what does the trick.


Looks dope

(UmeNagisa) #1405

That looks almost punk almost tribal.
Dare I say, Indian Steampunk? hahaha! :smiley:


MagicYo N9 done in “Cleanliness” color way…
This was a prize sponsored by YoThrowBling.com for the FAF, Fixed Axle February, video contest.
Done with some blasted graphics pertaining to the owners interests it is coated in an antimicrobial mint green powder coat. Has a clear coat with gold flake over its entirety.
Package is a paint can type container and the lid has been lettered to show the FAF.


YYJ Trinity in “Warehouse Party” color way…


Couple sunny pics…


BigBrother Bully “Brushed Bread” Color way…
New take on the Wonder Bread colors.


Summit powder coated…


Axiom powder coated…