MB's Powder Thread! Come & see the power of powder!


Time to start saving my pennies and looking at colors


Some shined up brass with a translucent over it may be smoking, literally.

Have not had the opportunity to do something like that. The base brass may give off some nice accent to a translucent. Red may become orangish or a blue may yellow out some.

Something to think about. I have some brass scrap buried somewhere so I’ll dig it out and shoot some potentials on it after I shine it up. See what happens.


Awesome :slight_smile: keep me posted. Maybe a shined brass with a semi translucent black idk I’ve never seen powder coated brass


Little different here from the norm is a Gear by Bio industries.
Engraved by myself with Chinese characters and then each character filled with a translucent red powder coat. Each character represents something about my son Mitchell’s demeanor in my eyes.

(Erik Kerber ) #1372

^Wow :o


Wet Whistle powder coated…


wow! that color is spectacular. Do you think it would look similar or (preferably) the same over brass?


It will look identical to those pics above. Since this is a solid color, non translucent, it will cover the base metal totally.

In fact this really goes for any solid color. There may be a few subtle differences in like a white or yellow, lighter solids, over a darker base but never on the darker colors.


I can’t promise I’ll have the scratch soon but I have my heart set on that (until you post your next colors of course…god you make it entirely too hard to decide haha).


If you want some pics wander through here.


Dude, that was the one color I really wanted lmao


The metallic are slick imo. I need to pick up the purple but its offered in a starlight, silver flake, and not a prism, multi flake, version. Shopping anyone?


Is it someone’s? Or a personal job?


Someone else’s. I do believe he is entertaining offers on it though. PM me if you are interested and I will set it up.


CLYW Gnarwhal in “Bad Egg” color way. Tiffany blue w/black spots.
Gift for a stand up guy Victor Bazaz.


RecRev Octave powder coated…
A lot going on with this one. Very personalized for someone. Skulls, Chinese symbols, Anarchy symbol, initials. All under a translucent black and red combo.


YYF c13 powder coated…
Made to look like a c22!


^^^ That’s awesome.


Man that C13 looks too awesome. Good job man!


CLYW Gnarwhal Bad Egg packaging…
Bead blasted logo’s in the glass container.