MB's Powder Thread! Come & see the power of powder!


A new item! This is actually a bead blasted style powder coat. Aluminum colored and textured very similar to an actual media blast. Done on a OD Chik from a recent contest giveaway.


One of my personal items. Half done so far.

(Erik Kerber ) #1350

That looks really nice


Thank you Erik. There will be some question as to how well it grinds and it looks like a string eating monster. I assure you all it is not.

(Erik Kerber ) #1352

Yea the surface is really bumpy it must grind pretty good


The Chik all dressed up…

(Erik Kerber ) #1354

Wow it looks amazing with those aqua SE’s


Ape-X done in translucent teal hub opposite side “bump”. Reversed in translucent purple and a bead blast powder gap…

(Erik Kerber ) #1356



YYF catalyst powder coated in the bead blasted powder…
Going for review.


Turning Point Prominence in “Resurrected City” colorway full powder coat…
Theme of a destroyed city on one side and a “Resurrected” city on the other.


Absolutely love this. I really need to send a throw your way and let you go wild on it


Thank you. I am always here.


I like all your work but man this one is outstanding.


Pretty pleased overall with the Prominence. Tricky to do but a new product helped out nicely.


Beautiful as always, Bob.

I think I might get my nicotine vaporizer in a different color soon, you know who I’ll be coming to :slight_smile:


Absolutely bro. I love doing those.


Could you coat a brass one by chance?




I love seeing your PCed throws, but your “themed” ones are true works of art