MB's Powder Thread! Come & see the power of powder!


Some random throws in a stack and a case pic…




Do powdered throws grind well?


Apparently some powders grind surprisingly well


CLYW Canvas “Cosby” color way…
Full powder coat.

(major_seventh) #1421

Now THAT is a really nice powder coating :o


Thank you. Very tricky to do. Not so much with the actual application of it but the curing process is a sloooow process.


One of your best works yet!


The base of another project…


That is probably the most beautiful canvas I’ve ever seen! Amazing work man!


So how’s the quality of the blasting. Is is old CLYW, Anti-yo, or ILYY quality.


Bob’s blast work is amazing. ‘Quality’ seems to be the wrong term.
Bob’s standard bead blast is a bit rougher (in texture) than CLYW blast, not quite as rough as Candy Blast or Anti-Yo, though I’m sure he could do that if you wanted. The guy practically does everything. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice, never order that service yet but will now. My little bro likes the feel of my blasted throws.
I also miss my Candy Blasted 2WEI :’(.


Pulsefire step two…


Great work, as always ::slight_smile:


Bob, remember the Pride you did with gold and teal? Did it have any vibe?


I do believe the “Sunken Treasure” Pride was smooth.


Vitality done in a new powder coat “fossil”…


That’s really cool! Can that be done in other colors or just white?


There are numerous powders in this class. Some of the issues with them is just how textured they are. Heavy textured powders are a no-no for yoyo’s due to string and finger issues. Light textured ones are fine for the most part of course. The “Fossil” powder and its relatives are different in the texture is reverse so to speak. Smooth surface with dimples that cure inward in the oven. These are preferred imo because they are very smooth.

Yes there are other colors in this class of powder but vary in style.