MB's Powder Thread! Come & see the power of powder!


It’s like you’re trying to kill me.


darn I almost called Zelda Peak when it was green/yellow. It’s shaping up to look awesome. Who is it going to?

I thought about picking up a Canvas at one point and giving you all my monies to make it Zelda themed with a Triforce in one cup and something else in the other.

(Erik Kerber ) #1268



Wow! What a great theme! That was Nintendo’s best series of games which originated from the first console. I remember buying the first Zeldas when they were released (actually parents/family members bought them as Xmas/bday gifts for me upon my request). In my opinion one of the best series of console games ever created.

Just to mess with Bob’s OCD, the triforce center triangle is a tad small :smiling_imp:


;My OCD has been pretty good recently. As an example last night I was looking at yours and had a major breakthrough. Turns out powder coating won’t spark!!


Lmao literally. That was awesome. Gave me a good laugh that I really needed. Have been trying to recover from food poisoning all morning with a major headache to boot. Gotta start prepping three turkeys to fry here shortly as well.

Gobble gobble and hope have a good turkey day!


CLYW Peak “Zelda” powder coated…
All finished with the “Zelda” Peak. Comes complete with glitter response.


Dang that thing is killer. A fitting reincarnation of the Trevlor Peak.


Chupacabra “OG” Edition powder coated…
After a huge amount of time having this it’s done. This was a real test of will. Redone numerous times after having issues with the colors bleeding and changing schemes this is the final version. The pink is/was a real problem with the technique used to create this. The fade is very very faint and really needs to be shown up close “in your face” so to speak to appreciate it. It has gained some vibe do to the fact the Peak needed to be so much thicker than normal. It has been thrown out of balance a bit but still is a player. Custom box for storage!


Beautiful work as always.


I thought the Trevlor Peak was the one Bob showed a picture of a few pages back in shiny purple with a bright orange mountain?

I thought this was a different Peak completely.

Both look amazing. The black to green and black to yellow on the Zelda one are awesome.


It is. The Zelda Peak was a standard issue one. The Trevlor is being worked on.

Thank you for bringing that to our attention.


My bad!

But I like to think it used to be Trev’s Peak…


YYF Supernova in Tiffany blue powder coat…
This is the winner of the “Leap of Faith” contest I had from my websites FB page. The color was kept a complete mystery and only revealed to the winner once done. Complete “Leap of Faith” with this contest.

(UmeNagisa) #1282

I. I suddenly don’t know how to control my salivary glands


Very similar to the paul han onestar in terms of color from the looks of it


Looks amazing! Can’t wait to get it back!


Some better pics of J Singh 2k’s Supernova. No sun today but better likeness of the color than the shop lights.


That stinks about the powder blead with the pink. Hopefully the new pink will behave.


Just a basic powder coating scheduled for this but just wanted to share. Sweet ride!