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(Erik Kerber ) #1247

Those look amazing


One side of the Walker lettered and a special response added…


As usual, very nice work. But veiling the Ti Walker’s natural beauty is nothing short of heresy.


Ratchet down there soldier and fall back in line!


VsNYYC TiWalker in its final state…


Looks good Bob! Thanks!

(Erik Kerber ) #1253

Those look amazing


The Ti Walker is certainly interesting, though my favorite Ti Walker of all time is definitely YoyoGeezer’s with the gold rims since I feel like it takes the class of the Ti Walker and adds a little bit of fancy to it.

The Peak is shaping up to look absolutely fantastic. I imagine the people up in arms about stripping it feel that way much more so because of its role in CLYW history and sentimental value as “the trevlor Peak” rather than its dollar value or aesthetic value and I can definitely understand. That said, as far as its aesthetic value as the trevlor Peak, I totally agree, it looked ugly and crappy and as much as I like to obsessively hoard stuff, I do like the stuff I hoard to be aesthetically pleasing. As far as I’m concerned, if I want to see the trevlor Peak, I can still just google it to see how much it changed over years. Soon I’ll be able to enjoy some pictures of the MLYYM Peak by Mullicabob formerly known as the trevlor Peak by the artist still known as Levi =P


CLYW Peak in a faded combo. This is basically finished except for a logo that gets added. I’m waiting for a few things to come in and some things are soaking for a strip so this got bumped up.


What am I missing on the green/beige peak? Top pic looks like green isn’t covering all of cup but bottom pic looks like its solid.


The green and yellow are both faded up to the hub which is black. This is a natural right from the gun fade. No masking or fiddling. The green being a darker green gets soaked up a little more in the black.


No, when you look at the top picture, in the catch zone it looks like the green side also has some yellow. Like right before the response area on the “green half” there is a yellow zone.

In the other picture, it looks green covering the whole half. No yellow in the green half at all.


It looks like the top picture has a reflection of the yellow on the green half. At least to me.


That’s what it is in that pic. There is no bearing and a short axle in it for the pictures so the gap is nearly closed. Hence the reflection.


Talk about high gloss, if that’s a reflection! Wowee!


Most of the high gloss is usually rated at 95% gloss or more!


Yea, Greg n rob both explained what I was seeing. Wow. That is gloss! Had me confused. Lol.


Time to let the rest of the cat out of the bag. The “Zelda” Peak project! This pic is of it pre cure which means a little drying time and then some fine work. Once that’s done then a cure and it will be finished.


Prior to the black it gets a trace added for something to go off of. Almost looks like engraving.