MB's Powder Thread! Come & see the power of powder!


General-Yo Magnum in white base aqua glow…
Sexy little ride for sure!


Not just a one trick pony. This vaporizer was powder coated for a member…


YYF Superwide “Superglitter” edition…
Was messing around and did an entire base coat of glitter. Then powder coated it with a green glow clear. Will look good hanging on the X-mas tree.


Can you feel the glitter? Or does the clear coat make it completely smooth?


I smoothed out the gap a little but this baby is like a chainsaw! It was really just a test piece I did to see how the glitter reacted. Needs another coat of clear on it but most likely will just strip it.


CLYW Peak “Arizona” fade…
As we all know this was the Trevlor Peak that had been painted by Levi. Now stripped and redone with a powder coat I coined “Arizona” fade. The story behind the inspiration to do this is from a road trip I had been on with my sister. She was moving to LA and while driving across country we stopped in Tuscan Arizona for the night. Just so happened the sunset there was remarkable that night and has stuck with me ever since. The customers choice of colors for this project reminded me very much of the sunset so I thought it would be fitting to do this.


That looks fantastic! You never cease to amaze me.


YYF Superwide powder coated…
Final time for this one.


Although not powder coated this box goes with the Zelda Peak I did. Figured it is appropriate to show.


The Zelda and Arizona Fade Peak were ridiculous enough but the little box to go with the Zelda Peak just puts it over the edge. I’m going to have to either pay you to stop posting on YYE/FB or to make something amazing for me so I can stop being jealous.


I like payments in various forms!! :wink:


Yea that chest is freakin over the top major awesome! Fits the theme so perfect.


Turning Point Positron “Clown Tears” colorway…
Something very new in terms of application for me. I am very pleased with how it turned out and looking forward to my next project with this method. Opens up some new doors for me.


Wow, that looks amazing while it’s spinning. I will pm you. I have a yoyo that would work great for this kind of thing.


Wow. Tears turned out great! Beautiful!

(Erik Kerber ) #1303

wow! ^ that throw looks amazing! all rainbowy and sparkly


Celestial by Diamont Noir powder coated…
Not what I was expecting in the end but strangely attractive.


That looks like an ocean with algae. Is that an actual texture on there?


Oddly enough it is almost perfectly smooth. This whole thing never turned out the way I had hoped but went through with it anyway. The blue and orange look very different under normal application and both require a clear coat overtop in order for them to show as they should. The clear coat smoothed everything out nicely but the colors never came out.


That Celestial looks amazing, like aged copper.