Markmont Dragon Strings: Cumulous Foam

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Pictures courtesy of Mark Montgomery’s website (I found a link to it through his Instragram page):

My Thoughts:

So, you may or may not know that I am very picky when it comes to strings. Call me a critic, but I know what I like. I don’t buy boutique or bulk strings, and never have. I’ve been spinning my own strings since I got back in to throwing [about two years ago], and I will occasionally trade my strings for other people’s strings [both home-spun and store bought].

That is how I came across these strings, actually. @gcoomans got some of these in the mail, and I actually wanted to trade him a few of my home-spun strings for one of the Markmont stickers that these came with. He was down to trade, and threw in a couple of the strings too.

Now, String making is a passion of mine, and for that reason I can appreciate strings made from other makers for a few reasons, including:

  • The time and effort it took to make them
  • The effort in developing unique colors and/or recipes
  • The care put into packaging/branding
  • Consistent quality

But just because I can recognize and appreciate these qualities, doesn’t necessarily mean that I am in love with the product. This has been my overwhelming conclusion with other strings. At least, until I strung one of these up…

These Cumulus Foam strings are freaking. Awesome. What I love about them- They:

  • Are bright and visible
  • Retain a good amount of energy put into them for whips and slacks. In other words, they pack a punch.
  • Are durable/ long lasting
  • Come plenty long enough
  • Are soft on the fingers
  • Don’t feel snaggy on the bearing

They are on the thinner side, which I thought would be a problem: but they play like fatter strings. It’s actually pretty incredible. Them being thinner also makes them nice for denser tricks that require a lot of string wraps in the gap.

In the gap on the bearing, they are nice and slick. They play an awful lot like nylon or nylon/poly blends, but they are 100% polyester! I usually steer clear of full poly strings, because they just feel… lifeless. Like, I feel like I have to force them to do what I want them to do; especially when it comes to hooks, whips and slacks. These? These strings don’t give me any lip. If I tell them to hook, they hook***. If I tell them to slack, they slack. If I tell them to whip, all it takes is a slight flick of the wrist; not a full blown, forced whipping motion with my whole arm. Very reminiscent of nylon in that respect.

The durability is nice too. I’ve been playing one of these for about a week and a half, and it doesn’t even feel close to being worn out.

They feel like poly, but they perform like a blend. They are the perfect combination of old school feel and high performance.

These are probably the only strings I have tried from another maker that I would consider buying on a regular basis. Excellent work @Markmont!!

***Disclaimer: I still cannot do shotgun beefhook. So I’m not claiming that they are magic or anything haha

Comparing Markmont Strings
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Thanks for the write up. Makes we want to try them. I like your diaclaimer too.

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Nice write-up. Given how amazing your poly/nylon blend is, that is high praise indeed. I may just have to give them a try. What other colors are they made in?

BTW, how did you get the red color in the text?

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These ones sure are fun, I’ve got em in my alleycat right now, and they are also excellent for responsive play!

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<a>text here will turn red</a>

Also, thanks for the kind words mister!

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Interesting. I guess that’s why the mouse cursor changes to a hand pointer, cuz it thinks it is hovering over a URL tag.

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Yep, but it’s not a live link so it won’t take you anywhere.

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Dddaammmmnnn man THANK you for the kind words big time. It’s always very gratifying to hear peoples testimonials - Will and I put a ‘lot’ of work into to getting this right. Here’s a little origin story (more talky-talk here

The R&D phase was actually about…4 years or so long, prior to the creation of the first string formula made when Evan hopped into the mix and made DRAGON. When we transitioned all efforts in-house from Toxic Strings (shoutout) last year, to Will and myself, we originally were going to just offer DRAGON and DRAKEN. But simply put, we changed our minds lol. Between Evans initial laid foundation and Wills ‘gusto’, we formalized an entire line. Yes - this is def much more fun and preferred since there are various distinctive qualities from formula to formula, but also yes (and this is the point of the whole verbal) it’s MAD work LOL.

So AAAGGGAAIINNN I say sir, and to all others who’ve chimed in with compliments, THANK you. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. It doesn’t go un-appreciated by any means and will always be felt.

For those interested in seeing the rest of the Markmont. Formulas line, please peep - The product descriptions get illustriously wordy but I promise they are accurate and worth comprehending : D

Next formula dropping will be ‘65’ - New formulas will be launching soon so I’ll make sure to keep an eye on this thread to add any updates.


I’m waiting for something a little more round to come out on the Markmont shop, maybe something with a bearing :grin:

(ClockMonsterLA) #10

Very nice! Would love to see some neon orange and some neon green strings too! :+1:

({John15}) #11

Not a problem Mark! I love writing, and it feels especially easy when it comes to things I’m passionate about. I can’t wait to see what you bring to fruition in the future!

(Mk1 Yoyos) #12

I’m always really excited to hear about strings, thanks for the writeup smileypants!!


zslane - neon Orange is actually in queue. Just making sure to source the right hue.


Aaron - trust me, theres plenty in store throw wise : D


It’s Time!

People said RR Martin took a while with his Dragons too. :rofl: I’m looking forward to these more!

Got close with some home made strings with thread from Japan which they quit making so I barely have any hold backs from years ago. 1 DRAGON, 3 Draken.


I’ve been curious about the rebbys…maybe I’ll order some :wink:


Damb - Rebby and Amy are a ‘lot’ of fun. Less stiff compared to DRAGON, DRAKEN and Cumulus Foam. Plays very ‘tricky’. It literally makes you wanna just jam.


Ordered a 10 pack of rebby! :smiling_imp:


Dddoopppeeeee - make sure you lemme know what you think when you give it some time.

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This the real Markmont?!