Markmont Classic or Grail

(Jim Honaker) #42

I call it “My Mark’s MarkMont Classic”. Or just MMMMC for short.


A+++ troll would read again


Kinda lame mentality but whatev. It’s the internet, I get it (I really don’t get it at all)

(Jim Honaker) #45

Of course I only jest. Seriously though, the Markmont Classic is one of my absolute favorites. I really do love it, regardless of the MC or MMC. I admit, I have used both abbreviations. MC is probably correct, but phonetically MMC seems and feels right.

(Jim Honaker) #46

It works though. Imagine the conversation. Someone asks me, “hey whatcha throwing there.” I respond, “My (showing physical possession of said throw) Mark’s (giving recognition to the legend of whom the throw was made) MarkMont Classic” (giving way to the classic debate of MMC vs MC). Thus MMMC.


It’s just fun to mess with people! We do it in a nice way, like, we’re sitting behind you in class poking you with a pencil. Because you are our friend, and it’s funny!

Of course, then things can go too far… when I POKE YOU WITH MY GIANT PENCIL

(ClockMonsterLA) #48

I dunno, seems like the same mistake as talking about an “ATM machine”.

(Jim Honaker) #49

Or when someone needs a new Hot Water Heater.


Or this being otttop