Been gone for 3 years... Recommend me a new YoYo!


Hey Y’all! I used to be super active on these forums and I sort of lost interest when I went to college. Been gone for 3 years from the forums and was wondering if people could recommend me a new yoyo that has come out since then. I still yoyo almost every day, and I just need something new.

Always been a fan of organic shaped yoyos (Favorite yoyo is probably the Bapezilla.2, or the Rex). If you can find me something that comes in nickel you get brownie points (not required, just like nickel a lot).


Hey! Been a while! I’d recommend getting a Markmont Classic, they do have nickle plated ones, but you might have to check the BST for one. The Markmont Classic is honestly most likely one of the best if not the best organic yoyo out there right now. It’s larger and lighter feeling than the Bapezilla.2, but it’s an amazing yoyo. The CLYW Peak 2, Heaven Sent Creep, A/RT Grail and Diptych are all great as well, old school organic shape with modern capabilities. Oh, If you wait a bit, One Drop and Static Unresponsives will be coming out with a yoyo called the Parlay as well, it would be fairly similar to the Bapezilla.2 in shape and size, not too sure on play though, but it should outperform the Bapezilla.2.


If you’d like to try something a bit wider, the OD Gauntlet is great, and has a nice price tag. Nickel Plated for $69.


Try some of a-rt stuff they base there yoyos off the canvas it’s run by Jensen and Charles


I would wait for the Parlay


If it’s nickle you want, Markmont Classic​. If not then the creep is amazing. And yeah, pick up a Parley once they release. : )