Whats throw are you getting next?

:smiley: I’m in love love with the idea of having a new throw cause each and every yoyo I’ve ever used have felt different and are all amazing in their own way.
So to keep this simple a top 10, 1 being the the one you’re getting next.

  1. CLYW Puffin 2. Played one at NYYYC and fell in love with the shape but the price too high.
  2. General Yo M10. Another one of those sexy yoyo’s thats super expensive but I would love to throw
  3. One Drop Cascade: LAWWWWWD Mmm
  4. Anther Magic Yoyo n12: I love how they feel and it was my first yoyo I want to preserve one for a collection
  5. OG Dark Magic: Just cause Andre
    5 -1 are just about the same want but this is probably the order I’ll get them
  6. YYO Kilter
  7. YYO Orbis
  8. YYO Hatchet
  9. CLYW Summit
  10. YYO Jaeger

In love with the YYO line might just get more if my pockets are deep and don’t have severe holes from
all my daily life shenanigans. Also I’m very found of mid-sized- oversized yo-yos, they feel great in my hands :smiley:

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the one yoyo i want that i don’t have is a ten yoyo wetwhistle… it was just amazing when i played with it.

I’m pretty happy with my collection atm, but I do want a Flying Camel shaped No-Jive.

Also wanna get an AC1 eventually. I used to own one but I traded it off. Has this feel that I really liked.

Another MarkMont Classic will be my next throw. Nickle collector’s edition I think.

YYCo Koy
Plastic Irony
and of course more Heliums for a competition set

MarkMont Classic

I believe I will be getting a Nickel T1 next from a friend.

Markmont Classic is really the only one in my near future. Everything else is out of production for the most part, so it’s a waiting and saving game.

Markmont Classic, nickel methinks. :slight_smile:

Markmont Classic

After that I’m hoping the new eH’s will be out.

Nickel MC. Yes, I will fight for it.

Of those getting nickle MarkMont Classics, how many are going for the Collector’s edition? with only 30 pieces spread across the stores, it’s gonna be tough…

Tomorrow, I’m getting a YYR Triad, a YYJ Revival, and a YYF Cyborg. After that, I’ll get a Gradient, or a MarkMont Classic. Nickel of course.

Okay, my next few throws, I hope, will be in this order.

  1. Nickel T1 (I know this is my next one)
  2. Gradient
  3. Shutter, Horizon, or CZM8

2 and 3 are up for debate. That is what I want right now, but people’s BSTs can change my mind and I might get offers for trades and so on and so forth.

Either a too hot , a level6 , a space cowboy on a store where they sell it at 70$ and would buy a clyw fools gold if i had any idea where to find em

YYO Officer Pause(s). They’re just so cheap to pass on! The Orbis, Lava, and the Duncan Torque all look very good too.

I am getting a new one drop gradient in the mail soon😋

I honestly don’t know, so much great stuff available.

I won’t be getting a pause, but the next yoyos I get after the MC will be on the less expensive side. I have come to the realization that I just don’t like dinging stuff, and it bothers me seriously when it happens to an expensive yoyo. I’ve tried to tell myself for a long time that it’s no big deal, they are meant to be played, etc, but it just gets under my skin. I figure with less expensive, less rare yoyos I will care less.

You know what you talking about…The Torque is A+