How does pv 44 compare to an A-RT Grail?

Hello all,

If anyone has any thoughts would love to hear them on how these yo-yo’s might compare.
I have heard what seems like these legends about the grail and based on the shape and characteristics it seems like they could be similar.

I also have an MCMO and Panorama and have heard like its those 3 are like the favorites if you add the grail in that.

I know I will likely like the pv44 if I got one anyways since I do like H shape and organics but was curious what aspects would make them different or if someone has thrown both how they compare to each other


The Grail is much more similar to and has more in common with your MCMO than it does the PV44. Grail is like a floatier, slightly less stable (due to the reduced rim weight) MCMO. In a way, the light and floaty aspect of the Grail could also be found in the Panorama. I’m sure the PV44 is fantastic, but its specs are totally different from the Grail. Can see some similarities in the cup area though.


I’ve always thought the Grail was a little over rated to be honest. It’s a good YoYo for sure. But it didn’t knock me sideways or anything. I personally like some of the other throws ART had made more.

You can’t miss with the PV44 though. Dead smooth. Feels great in the hand. Cool mixture of organic cues with H shape.

I’d buy one for sure.


Oh yeah, I see that too. That was like the first thing I noticed about them! I know I mentioned that in my review. Plus, neither’s designed for horizontal :wink:

…….…yeah you can slap me for that one if you wish…

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I have both the Grail and PV44. They are both yoyos and they have a kind of flat cup… other then that they play very diffrent. Grail is a great organic (i think i like the AL7 better then the Al6). The Grail is big and awesome. PV44 is H shape with hints of organic, PV44 has great float for a H shape, it’s high walls may pose a challenge for some (practice more). I find the PV44 to be very comfortable in my hand to catch and throw, is not as big as the Grail. PV44 had plenty of power for me but i guess since the Grail is bigger it probably has more. The PV44 has some very unique features that i think make it a lot of fun to throw, I’ve had it for a couple months now and i still grab it on a monotonously regular basis because i enjoy throwing it in diffrent combos.


i would agree with @AKYOYOMIKE - i was just whipping mine around and the size and hand feel are noticeable differences. the pv44 has some great float, while still being able to pick up good power. i love the higher wall/schwall and find it can be very forgiving with its stability or correcting tricks without losing speed.


What is an AL-7 vs AL-6? Is that referring to 7075/7068 vs 6061? If so how can you tell which on a grail which it is?


Just visually, the B7 Grails (7075 grails) will be shinier compared to their 6061 counterparts because of how 7075 aluminum looks (you can see this with other One Drop 7075 yo-yos, i.e. compare a Summit to a Seven Summits or Eclipse to a Lunar Eclipse).

For example, here’s the bubblegum pink B7 grail released at the beginning of August

(pic from a.returntops on Instagram

vs. the bubblegum pink OG Grail:

(pic from @Ian_Bender 's BST post)

The B7’s also weigh less; I don’t know the numbers off the top of my head but I’ll weigh the ones I have and add that here. B7 weighs ~62g, OG weighs 63g

Another way is that there’s only been a handful of the B7’s released, these are the colors:


When you buy them the seller should inform you… im not certain how you would know on a blind test. Al7 is denser and stronger so you could throw them on the ground and the one that has less damage is likely the AL7.
You could check the ART site and see if the specs are diffrent. Sorry i couldn’t help this one.


Ohhhh wow yeah I can see that difference I had no clue based on their site that I could tell that they had a difference in material!

I have been looking at getting one and definitely prefer 7075 and I didn’t realize that they even had a difference

I do notice now that you mention that those differences on the one drops absolutely

Thank you so much for the info!

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The Grail won’t be for everyone, but it’s hard to overrate a yoyo that seems to have played a very large role in the organic renaissance over the last 2-3 years. I think the Grail is well deserving of its…Grail…status, due to its design, play, and community impact.

I love me some FSYB/fatguysnacks, but the PV44 wasn’t for me. It’s likely because I just haven’t found an H-shape that I like enough to keep. I do see the appeal though, and it’s a very unique yoyo float-ing in a sea of similarly shaped designs.


Side note, the bootleg Grails floating around look a lot like these B7 Grails. Something to keep in mind when buying one second hand.


Can confirm as someone that owns a few OG Grails, a B7 and a counterfeit Grail that the fakes are actually really similar to the B7. Pay close attention to the colors and the finer details!


Good to note! I totally forgot there’s counterfeit ones going around, definitely something to be aware of.