B7 Grail performance?

Who picked one up and can compare it to the original?

If not a comparison, how does it play overall?

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I posted this in the what did I get in the mail thread.

Got my b7 Grail today and I want to caution people about this throw. I thought the original grail was really good but this version is almost too much. They took light and floaty to a new level. It’s past where I want it to be but someone might enjoy this. It’s probably the smoothest art throw I’ve tried but still has a touch of fingernail vibe.


If anyone has both and a scale, I would love to know how they compare weight wise


Grail is 63.5 I think. B7 was listed as 62?


Thanks. My real goal is to try the OG so I’ll probably hold off.


Ooo ok big thanks for this. Exactly what I needed to know to avoid temptation.

Could it be that B7:Grail is like new Peak:OG Peak ? Just saying because, although the new Peak was nice, I found it to be too light and fast compared to the OG. Similarly, does the B7 play a good notch faster than the Grail?


I think that’s a really good comparison. @beezy


Maybe I’m just speculatively hopeful, but I’m thinking that this will be a selling point to a lot of the fans of the Grail. And that’s not to say that you’re not a fan of the Grail.

I imagine that the goal of making this particular yoyo is not to make something that looks and plays just like a Grail but out of 7075 AL. They probably wanted to make something that looks similar but amplifies certain aspects of the Grail that made it a unique and, arguably, revolutionary yoyo.


Alright, my initial impression is that it feels a lot like a 6061 Grail but maybe slightly zippier.

B7 feels more similar to the 6061 than the MC does to the MCMO.


Haha, this makes me want to try it more.

But I have weird taste.


honestly, i love the b7. i will preface this by saying the two play really similar. this thing is maybe a little zippier and a bit more stable. i think theyre both amazing throws and i recommend everyone try and get one of em. i dont think it matters much which one you get tho because like i said, theyre very similar imo


I’ve been thinking about the comparison of the two ever since my B7 arrived. I feel the 6061 Grail is a little more bubbly and holds its float a nano second longer. The B7 is lighter and you feel that on the return, but the denser material doesn’t make it any more airy. If you can’t get either one of these the B7 plays real close to the MK1 Contact which a new batch is also dropping soon at a fraction of the cost with some fun colorways.


Best 25$ I’ve spent on the bst!


I was able to get a fresh B-Grade around that price as well, and I still can’t tell why its even a B-Grade. @MarkD does a meticulous job of QC.


Same here.


what would b7 grail or original grail want more and why?:thinking::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks everyone for answering, i just interested in😄


that’s the point people buy art first to improve their performance as a player, and that requires a less productive yoyo and grail one of those. take it and make it more productive yoyo I don’t know if it’s a good idea that’s why I’m interested in this.
I’m interested in hearing people’s opinions on this matter😄

I dont believe they have made it more performant if that’s what you’re saying. From the comments I read they have leaned into the grail characteristics like “float”. I dont think the B7 will be more powerful or stable vs the grail.

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İnteresting opinion maybe you are agree. İ know just b7 grail is more solid in play