Wtb a-rt b7

Been wanting to try a A-RT throw for a while and the B7 sounds like the specs I want. Looking for a mint one if possible. Have Paypal or trades.

You may want to re-evaluate your choice? The B7
and Grail have the exact same specs…… it’s not 6069 AL but 7079 AL used in the B7…… but I did not feel any difference in play….& I liked the grail but that’s imo….
And the price is even more for a B-7!!

Well………after @Pierre added his post about a 1 gram difference in weight’s…… it must be the floatyness on the string that 1-2g’s of weight difference I can’t feel it?

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Rock, not exactly - the B7 is about 1g lighter. I’ve checked on several units. It’s quite interesting. B7 is the lightest, then Grail 1g heavier. Then Life is again about 1g heavier, and you have AL7 Life even heavier.


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