Markmont Classic or Grail

(Duncan Ely) #1

I want an organic and I want floaty. Do I want the Markmont or a Grail?

(Spinworthy Glen) #2

Buy a DocPop Icarus. Trust me.

({John15}) #3

I vote all three. MMC, Grail, AND Icarus. Just get them all lol


Which ever one you can get.


Haven’t tried the Icarus, but I like the MMC over Grail, and you can buy it right now. Grail might be more floaty though?

({John15}) #6

Not sure, I think them a-rt boys can make any yoyo look “floaty”. I’ve never played one, so I can’t actually say

(Victor) #7

Why did I have to see this? I didn’t even know that existed. Now I want one of those too.


I had mine so briefly, I can’t really remember. I do remember thinking it reminded me of the MMC, but thinking I liked the MMC better.


Grail is way more floaty than the MC. However, while I haven’t played it, I’ve heard the Icarus is supposed to be a mashup of the Grail and MC.

(David Hough) #10

I prefer the Grail over the MMC, that being said, I think both are essential and any connoisseur of fine organic yoyos would be wise to track down both. I’d say the MMC is slightly more stable than the Grail. It’s also easier to get. I prefer the Grail over the MMC but you really can’t go wrong with either.


I like the Quail more than either the Grail or the MMC, but it might not appeal as broadly as the the other 2.

({John15}) #12

Another unique yoyo I’d like to get my hands on


Lol, I’m realizing how just how hard it is to get a definitive answer to these kinds of questions!


Sounds like Grail is the way to go for you, if you can get one!

(Duncan Ely) #16

I figured it would be but I was hoping one would be much more floaty.


Where is the Icarus made?

Grail and MMC are machined by the awesome One Drop, right here in the USA!

(David Hough) #18

You might also like the Yoyo Workshop Halyard 2.0. It’s both organic and floaty.


Grail if you want light, floaty, sensitive, not overly stable.

MMC if you want a blend of solid and floaty, changeable side effects (make a huge difference), stable for an organic.


In a yoyo manufacturing facility :grin:


Did you seriously have to!