Markmont Classic or Grail


Well…it wasn’t made by squirrels in a tree :nerd_face:




An Organic Super Trio.

(Jacob Waugh) #25

Icarus is a soft W?

({John15}) #26

B. E. AaaaaaUTIFUL


IMO The Icarus plays great and is reasonably priced for what you get.
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Please don’t link to other online stores. Thanks. :slight_smile:

No problem guys.


I haven’t played an Icarus or a Bolt 2 but I’d like to try them both. I think that both, regardless of how they play (which is probably nicely) have a level of originality in their designs that I really appreciate


@DocPop is pretty cool too!

(Jim Honaker) #30

I can’t really speak of the others, but I would vote for Markmont Classic over and over again. I love it. My son also picked up the new TopYo Origin. And for a classic high walled organic it is phenominal.

(Duncan Ely) #31

Well I ended up with a 420 and it is amazing! It plays into my style really well.

(Choncworth) #32

Nice score, but nothing like the MMC or Grail.

I suggest the MMC over the Grail.

Unpopular opinion here… but… the Grail is “meh” an evenly distributed, average playing yoyo.

Good call on the 420 over the Grail.

(Duncan Ely) #33

Yeah, I’ve got the MC at the top of the buy list.

That sounds like an opinion for the “unpopular opinion thread”, but you may also get kicked out… :joy:


There is a reason why it has “Classic” in its title. It is that good.

(ZAC) #35

Although it was not mentioned in title, I recommend the Overture to anyone who enjoys organic. It is probably my favorite of all my throws.


I have to say I am not impressed with the overture. It is a good organic but nothing about it stands out to me.

(Jacob Waugh) #37

The length of the axle.

(ZAC) #38

Spins for days, great grind finish, good rim for thumb grinds, fits in my hand perfect. Those are the main things that keep it at the top of my list. The pricetag is pretty sweet too.


MC? Is that what you meant?

(Duncan Ely) #40

The Markmont Classic, yes. I know that grammatically the abbreviation is MC but the common nomenclature is MMC. Maybe we need to just call it the MC/MMC…:joy:

(Mk1 Yoyos) #41

I call my own Markmontclassic the Mark’s Markmont Classic, or the MMMC for short, because it’s mine