Man it's HOT here!

It reached 104º here today with a heat index approaching 110º. I’m honestly concerned for those high school boys putting on the helmet and pads for the second game of the football season tonight. I was out throwing for a bit this afternoon and said “Forget it!” Even the breeze felt like dragon’s breath. It’s just too hot out there!


It was bout 90 here today.

Yes, it is extremely hot down here in Texas! Where I am, my car’s built-in thermometer reached 113 Fahrenheit. A bit of engine heat may have influenced that, but still, it’s unbearably hot…

I thought this was gonna be a post about the HOT, ya know, its HOT here?

It isn’t too hot anymore where im at, it reached 110 2 or 3 times.

Well, unlike some people here, Banjo posts in the appropriate section of the forum.

Are you saying I dont? Sorry if I messed up lol

Now I like MD weather today it was in our 79s with a high humidity which was unpleasant at my small bore rifle practice.

yeah, md wasn’t too bad today. and i don’t think it even reached 104 all summer :smiley:

Yah however it did get hight in the 80s but almost never in the 90s however for when I went to Maine over the summer it was nice and cool there it was mostly low 70s to 60s the whole entire week we were there.

that sounds awesome :smiley:

No. I’m saying he put it here because it is not yoyo related.

You guys don’t know…
You don’t know the half of it…

Bout 80 down here in NC. Great day for the pool!

Yeah, but it’s a dry heat… :wink:

I can handle Arizona heat. You’re right. Dry heat isn’t nearly as bad… But Baltimore type heat? I just couldn’t do it… Funny thing is I was born there… But yeah, MN heat can get bad. Jhb knows, MN has been brutal this week.

South Florida right before it rains


I don’t think I could do an Arizona summer. I was there in late October last year and it was still a bit warm for me. I can’t imagine July and August. I don’t think God intended for man to live in Arizona in the summertime. “Look at 'em down there, milling about in the summer desert sun without sufficient water. And they clamor together like that voluntarily! I don’t know what to do with them.” I hear the lizards down there carry a pail of water so they can occasionally stop and cool their feet.

And Minnesota, those Scandinavians up there are too warm when the mercury creeps past 79º. It’s their winters that frighten me. I got caught in a blizzard in Minnesota once and we hadn’t even seen Halloween yet. Oh Minnesota, land of two seasons, winter and August.

Haha, yup. You’re drenched before it even rains! :smiley:

Yesterday was NOT a dry heat… it rained like half of the day and the other half it was like 85%+ humidity T_T

It hit around 120 here in redding, ca.