Cant wait to yoyo outside!

I live in Michigan and all I wanna say is I cannot wait to yoyo outside this summer. I am soooooo ready for it. I don’t know how all of you cold weather state people feel about this, but here, I’m just dying.

I have this great mountain bike trail that leads to beautiful scenery with a valley, river, and overlooks just really beautiful outdoor woods (plus the trails are gnarly.) Ahhhhh, mountain biking, then taking a break and busting out some combos in the hot summer sun with the breeze at my back.

Anyone else geeked to throw outside? Where is your fav place to throw? Public outdoor mall, on the mountain bike trails, school campus?

The Michigan winter this year has been absolutely brutal. I can’t wait to throw outside either.

Better do it now than when all that nasty humidity comes back in the summer

I take it you don’t live in Michigan…

Come to Florida it’s good weather to throw most of the time here. Except for summer because the string will stick to your finger literarily unless you’re wearing a glove.

Seriously, it has been snowing for like ever here. I’m really sick of it. Yesterday I went out in the garage to open the car and my hand froze to the handle.

Out here in Washington it’s been really nice for the past couple of days! It’s the perfect temperature and amazingly beautiful! I’ve been throwing outside and I love it because the string looks like it’s glowing!

Man, I’m 25 and I don’t remember winters like this since I was in grade school. They say it has been the coldest with most snow since the record in the 1800’s. It is cold in your bones, thats only how I can describe it.

I hate you. looks out window and sobs

what are you talking about? I though you live in Arizona lol


Where abouts in WA? I’m Tri-Cities area.

You and me both, jackthepoodle. I tried going out and yoyoing today on my deck, but it’s just too dry and cold. I loved yoyoing out in the sunshine with some tunes on; no shoes on my feet (it’s a totally zen experience OK??!?), but I guess it’s just not that time of the season yet.

Yep, best time of the year is spring; yoyoing, listening to a yankee game outside while playing frisbee/disc golf game.

It’s been a pretty horrible winter here in VT too, but luckily I’m off to Florida for a couple of weeks soon and by the time I get back it’ll be full-on Spring here :slight_smile:

Seattle Area

I know what ur feeling i live in MI too!

Here in NJ, we got pounded with snow. I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as MI, but a lot more than the past few years. Over the past few days, it’s been nice though. Finally getting to the weather where I can stand on my porch and yoyo comfortable without getting frozen. :smiley:

Gettin’ my hopes up >.>

Today was cold though.

Shhhhhhhhhh they might be listening.