ugh...I hate summer

its so freaking hot, my hands keep getting hecka sweaty which makes playing with a yoyo very difficult >:( “shakes fist at the sun”

Nylon string, gloves, and environmentally controlled rooms.

Other than that, summer is INCREDIBLY frustrating to yoyo in. Michigan is generally very humid, so it feels like your trying to move the string through a large tub of grape jelly.

lol, y’all got nothing. try louisiana. steaming hot all year and humid

anti perspiration deodorant spray. Spray some on your hands and it works like a charm

try south florida. near the everglades

For real. Here in Florida, summer lasts 10 months.

BabyPowder fixes everything.

I’ve thought about stuff like that, but I’ve always worried that since it’s a powder it could get into your bearings.

Not if it’s just a light dusting on your hands.

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Utah= Good summer throwing, but HORRID Winter Throwing. Summer be dry, and little to no breeze. Winter= SNOW and FRIDGID COLDNESS. TGI Summer

get one of these gloves, they work a charm

summer rocks…! da beach…!

Beach= :-\

Water and sand aren’t a very good combination

But I love summer, I live in PA (all seasons 3 months) I just yoyo inside with the AC going

whoa whoa whoa, there are 16 months in PA? lol

i dislike the beach. to many sweaty annoying little kids…

Omagawd sorry lol, yeah its always sunny in philadelphia (it was raining yesterday)
I feel like a spilled beverage

I’ve never heard that expression before. I lol’d.

lol youv’e NEVER heard that expression? figures… I made it up :stuck_out_tongue:

reallly you never heard it? i havnt either :smiley: funny raphael.

In Alberta it’s pretty good.
Perfect amount of humidity.
That kinda sucks tho…
I love Counterweighting outside. You NEVER have to worry about hitting someone, UNTIL…
It flies into your neighbors yard. :smiley:

Sorry can’t hear any of you over the sound of loving awesome Canada weather.