humid string


richmond VA, is so fudgin humid >:(…trust me i love it, but my string does not, it gets thickand gross, and of course its from the jelly like sweat from my fingys, whom else lives on this side of our rather sticky country that has a string that takes this weather. my a1’s do okay, prolly the best out of them all,but still only for so long. just lemme know


I live in Richmond too! It’s too hot, consistently in the high 90s, I don’t even bother throwing outside these days lol


Gloves are you friend during the humid seasons.

The best gloves out there aren’t available in the US, but you can find them by googling “New feeling nylon gloves”. They easily last four times longer than any other glove out there, feel better than any other glove, and are only $10 for a pair.


haha yea its been mean, i still get out there and do what i bez, sunglasses, tank top. i love the weather


i have gloves but i pour through them, ima get a new pair and see, maybe a color thats not black either XD


Houston, TX area here. I know all about it. Air conditioned yoyoing only for me in the summer


I wash my hands before I yoyo, and before changing a string. I hate sticky string.


Sun? Summer? Hot? Air conditioning?

I’m afraid I don’t quite understand these words…


Yeah when it’s humid and your hand get sticky you can move your hands along the string as easily or grind. That’s what happened to Jensen Kimmitt at the BAC this year, he couldn’t do any of his techy stuff so he just gagged it.


lol I feel you man, I feel you.

Like previously stated get some gloves, it is the perfect solution. Sure many people do not like wearing them, but in those conditions you are going to have to.


Now that is humidity!


i was really good at that for alil while but as i became more attached to a certain yoyo and it goes every where with me. Kinda just broke me of it X_X, i may have to be more attentive


Ohhh man was I really thinking about making a thread about this. I went to mexico and I wasn’t used to the humidity there at all. It wouldnt slide smoothly and just to make it worse, I used fat string


I live in Pittsburgh, PA so I feel you guys as far as humidity goes. I normally don’t throw outside, but when I do Type X seems to work pretty well for me! ;D


Great Picture though.


yea fat boys from venoms to slack lines are my worst enemy outside, A1’s are thin, and a blend


I live in the small town of Olathe Kansas, where it is, as I am typing this, extremely humid. I can’t go outside and not feel uncomfortable, let alone yoyo! XD


go Micky style white :wink:


exactly ;D