Yoyo gloves?


Personally I dont think i would enjoy walking around with the glove on… but would it help fight the humidity? In general, how do you guys feel about them?


They’re great! Especially for in humid climates. Baby powder can only do so much.


I’ll have to try gloves some time. It must feel weird at first, if you’re not used to them.

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I don’t think I’d enjoy walking around with a yoyo on my finger either. It doesn’t live on you; you just use it when you play.




I walk around with a yoyo on my finger…


You don’t need to walk around with the glove on, just put it on when you need it.

I was in Vietnam and brought some yoyos as my only form of escape from that place. Anyhow, 4A was NOT fun, even with Type X string. Type X may be soft, but combine with hours of work and the string moving over your hands and fingers, I wish I had gloves, or at least 1 glove.

1A wasn’t bad. 2A: no issues. 5A also no problem. Next time I go, I’m either getting a pair of gloves(primary and fail-over) either before I go or once I get there.

I don’t think everyone needs them, but it’s a nice option to have. They are also handy for with other tricks when you’re burning fast and furious.


Aww, it got censored…

I never use gloves.

But you do kinda need to use you know what. ^^^



Yes children, always use gloves.


Where can I get a pair of gloves? On YYE i only see ones for a single hand?

Could i just use like batting gloves lol?


You don’t need a pair, just get one, or buy two if you really want 2…


You don’t really need 2, unless you really need it, but by all means, get 2 if it makes you comfortable. And no, do NOT use batting gloves. I imagine that it wouldn’t work out too well, but I guess trying wouldn’t hurt.


Any cotton/nylon glove from a local store will work…


I agree. You usually only need one, but with modern playing, 2 isn’t unusual anymore.

For me, I’ll only need one for my left hand. I’m gonna get 2 just so I have a back-up. When I travel, I carry spare responses, lube, string and bearings to ensure I’ve covered all bases. I travel with stuff for 1A, 2A, 4A and 5A and a fixed axle, so I need at least 3 bearing sizes, multiple pad types(not as much anymore) and 3 string types. Since I have to go about with the concept of “no support”, I have to pack “heavy”.


I don’t play without gloves you can play so much faster al least for me it worked and it protects me from burns


For my first glove, I actually hopped over to a local billiards store and picked a glove up. They’re LITERALLY the same thing as yoyo gloves. Try and find a store.


I had to buy s glove recently 'cause my left index was getting torn up, it’s a strange feeling but you get used to it, it did throw me off a bit to start with though but I’ve found since I got some AMMO it’s not cutting in so bad anyway.

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Queen of hearts nylon glove. Get them on amazon… They are incredible.


I bought 2 Duncan gloves for outdoor yoyoing in humidity. They work very well. They actually help you when you get used to them because they allow the string to move over your hands faster, which makes you speed up your tricks.


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