Gloves: yay or nay?


I love playing with yoyo gloves, but what about you guys?


nah, not me. Extreme callouses are the way to go.


Never tried them, I’ve thought about buying them but I won’t ever wear them lol


I wear gloves when it’s hot, my hands are sweaty.

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I’ve never taken the time to try out gloves, but I don’t think I’d like em that much.


Gloves for competing.


I prefer yoyoing without gloves on.



When just throwing around home, nah, dont need them. When I yoyo in public, I do. Partially because it helps with the sweat and humidity, and partially because people complimant me on how cool they look :wink:


After a MAJOR string burn on my middle finger that left me using my thumb for a couple days, I bought a glove and gave it a shot. I like it a lot. Here’s my take:

Pros: It keeps my string free of oils from my hands, so it stays cleaner and lasts longer. I also can do left handed grinds way longer, and I haven’t gotten string burn since.

Cons: I’ll admit it can look a little dorky, and at times, it’s harder to feel the string than without the glove. And make sure you get the right size so you don’t end up with that “daughter playing dress-up” situation where the fingertips are flapping around.


Fun fact: yoyo gloves are the same as pool (billiards) gloves. So if you live by a recreation store, check them out.

As for me, gloves get in the way. I need that feeling of the string on my skin to be in control.



Well I love gloves, its smooth and most of my tricks contain grinds so I wear them on both hands,though once I was playing with nylon kitty string and it went thru my Duncan glove I bought a yye glove, it fit better (and I’m the small!) and it was more durable

The nylon kitty string just put a big slash thru my pointer finger and that part fell off

The yye glove held better and it looks cooler (its kinda weird using a yyj with a Duncan glove)


I allmost allways wear a glove on my non-throwhand at home and allways at contests but in public (other than contests) I tend not to. I have become very accustomed to wearing the glove on my NTH and I don’t think it is about to change.


nope. i go bare.

you know what i mean.


Buy white cotton gloves for $3 at a drugstore. Cheaper and better looking than yoyo/billiard gloves.


I don’t do the glove thing, but if I did I would to the billiard/yoyo glove because my fingers need to breath! Hence why I dont use gloves. It feels weird using cotton gloves. Just no connection to the yoyo.


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Never been a big fan of gloves…

But I might use 'em if I have to.


I kind of go back and forth. When I film a video, I always where one. When I’m just throwing around at home, a lot of times I don’t even think about it and forget to put it on.


Cotton is thick and after two minutes of yoyoing I sweat right through those gloves plus (as I said before) they’re too think you can’t feel the yoyo what so ever

Once I was yoyoing with a cotton and one of the fibers of the glove caught my yoyo while I was grinding it totally messed up my bearing! I had to get a brand new konkave.