Hey people, I was just wondering, what kind of gloves do people wear most and why? If you vote, leave a reply why! I wear Nylon gloves, because they are smoother on the string, and they are more well crafted (Duncan gloves threads come out after a few wears for me lol).

Why do i even wear gloves? because in singapore its really humid and you get sweaty and sticky more easily and it ruins the string by making it black and sticky and unable to glide.

So, why do you wear gloves/no gloves?


I dont use gloves because it is COLD where i live and it is not humid and those gloves just bother me


I don’t where gloves because…

                             I'm a Ninja!


O hey me too!
but seriously, I dont really see the need to in Pennsylvania.


i hate gloves there stupid but i understand why you would in a humid place


i have a Nylon glove no for yoyoing but i sometimes use it if it is humid or something…


Trust me when I say this, you are NOT a ninja. You have not done ANY of the things you need to do to become a ninja. Its kind of a joke between me and my friend, but you are not a ninja!


I only wear gloves for long practice sessions. If I don’t my fingers get rubbed raw lol. But I use a pool glove, same thing, but usually cheaper and better made. Stop by a billiards store or pool hall and see if they carry them and for how much.


Man, i wish i was a ninja like Samad… anyways yeah, i guess not many places are humid to the point that you need gloves o.0

(Jeromy K.) #10

Out of habbit of working construction I dont use them, also my hands have seen enough damage (cuts, burns and grinding) that they are preaty tough. Who needs to be a ninja when you are a samari. ;D


Don’t you mean a Samad-ri? :-\ :wink:

(Jeromy K.) #12

lol nice dig
:smiley: :smiley:


But…but I’m a ninja!


Well i’m a samad-ri, and i am a Samad - Reaper!!! ROAR!!

okay getting a bit off topic here

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #15

You should only wear gloves if your a fast player. if your a fast player the strings will give your burns so they were gloves.

Like me i don’t wear gloves because i’m not too fast and i don’t get burns too much.

~Steven :wink:


If you dont do parkour you cant be a ninja. do you do parkour?

and also I am thinking of getting gloves to do mickey’s green triangle. I think it would look pretty cool in a freestyle.

see here:

and its sequel:

both very long but very interesting.

(Derek) #17

i dont use gloves, but sometimes i wish i had some, just for protection of the back of my fingers were the string loops around. my fingers sometimes get really red and sore and even bled before from the string— is there any better string to use that would have less friction or something like that?

(Jeromy K.) #18

What are you using for string???


I just put masking tape on my hands. ;D


I have been getting some nasty string burns lately from trying to get Spirit Bomb and Drop in the Bucket via Jade down consecutively. 100% polyester seems to tear my hands up more than cotton (which I used when I first started) but it’s worth it in the long run. I have considered some gloves but I am afraid they will interfere with tricks. I have had some bad string burns to the point of bleeding as well…but I just assume that is all a part of the learning process.