Humidity ruins my tricks! Any alternatives to yoyo gloves?

For the past few weeks I’ve noticed my string gets extremely murky and weird. When I try tricks like ripcord or wormhole it gets stuck in my fingers and it just doesn’t glide down! Is there any alternative to yoyo gloves? (IMO those make one look like a magician)

using yoyo gloves can be a good idea… but if for what ever reason you dont, then yoyo indoors… or maybe try different tricks


Wait, that’s not exactly a practical solution, is it?

What type of string are you using? I’m just guessing the string is old and needs changing. I have heard of people complaining about strings and humidity.

You can go with cheap cotton gloves, but I think those would add too much friction. You can go with yoyo gloves.

yeah, humidity+string doesn’t work. First time I was in real humidity is when I went to worlds last year, and wow. Unless you’re indoors, string just does NOT glide.

If you don’t like gloves, I’ve heard of people using baby or talcum powder.
or if you just don’t like the style of gloves (assuming you’re talking abour white gloves like what mickey wears?) then there are other types. The 3 finger duncan ones, or billiard gloves.

I use 100% poly YYE strings and I change them regularly. Even indoors here in Puerto Rico you’re not safe from humidity! The only places I’ve been able to yoyo and the string glides like a baby (not sure that’s a good comparison) is at walmart and other air conditioned stores lol

I guess I might be getting some gloves. hrmmmm thanks guy!

That would do it. The air conditioning removes moisture from the air(that’s why they have evaporators, it’s more efficient to cool or heat dry air), which is why you can yoyo like you’d prefer in an air conditioned environment.

Try Toxic or Graou strings. I have had the same problem(without gloves) and those strings are the best for humidity.

I have a yoyo glove, and it looks like it is made of the same material as under armour shirts, in case you know how to sew.

Baby powder or talc to dry your hands. Works wonders.

Anti-perspirant, plus Kitty String. That should help.