Do yoyo gloves help in humidity?

If they don’t help, I won’t waste my money. I like to throw outside, but humidity keeps me inside a lot. If yoyo gloves will help with the string in humid areas, then I’ll buy a pair.

Yes, yoyoing in humidity is one of their major advantages.

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Yep. It’s a huge difference. Definitely worth the investment if you’re in a humid area.

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yoyo gloves are nice, but something that is cheaper is will not get worn out is talcom powder.
buy some, pat it on your hands, (lightly) put a little on the string, and the humidity one be a factor.
Go for gloves though if you want some.

It will definitely help. I suggest that you either buy a glove off of the yoyoexpert site, or buy a good glove- not the leathery ones though)

Keep in mind any glove will wear out in time. They are sold on the inexpensive side so it’s not a big hit when you need to replace it. With that in mind, go ahead and buy one. Ff you do decide you like to use gloves, buy a few.

billiard gloves work just the same.
or costume gloves. Pretty much any glove that isn’t made to increase grip, really.

Thanks for the input everyone :slight_smile: I think I’m gonna get some Duncan gloves from YYE

Keep in mind the $12 price tag is for just one glove, they do not come in pairs as gloves normally do.

Keep in mind this will help reduce drag on the string on many tricks, especially stuff like Eli hops. So, they are more than just for outdoor play.

This. And yeah, IMO it’s worth it. :slight_smile: