Any way to combat sticky fingers from humidity?

Hey guy, I just moved to Iowa for college and I’ve experienced quite a few humid days making the string stick to my fingers and really messing me up. Does this happen to anyone else and is there a way to combat this?

Also, any yoyo clubs in or around Ames?

Gloves are the only thing I can think of. Try ordering a pair of those specifically designed for yoyoing from this site’s store and you should be good to go. Either that or try and take up 2A on those humid days. That’s what I do ;D

A sprinkling of talc makes your hands smooth as glass. :wink:

goldbond powder works pretty well too.

baby Powder is the greatest. Learned that from the pros…

My team-mate Alex Jacobs goes to ISU.

Otherwise there is a large base of yoyoers in Des Moines, Seth Petersen, and Adam Brewster to name a couple.

I’m about sixty miles west of you in a town called Exira.

Try different string

I have seen some users use Spray Deodorant. Never tried it myself.

Put some kind of powder that’ll soak up the moisture. That will help. Put some on the string too, I’ve heard.

Talcum = baby powder = Gold bond…etc. All will work some and don’t have a scent.

The down side. Talcum is a mineral, and it is VERY finely ground. So, If you use it much check your bearing more often as this stuff is invasive.

The Duncan gloves, are pretty much just Billard gloves with Duncan stamped on them… You can save your self some shipping and go out to walmart or somthing… And normal cotton or polly gloves work too… You can find them in Tuxedo shops…

I know what you mean, I live in Florida and I can under no circumstances yo yo outside. But some moisture absorber (like a powder) would work the best.

peanut butter. the humidity will no longer have any effect upon the stickiness of your fingers.
and it’s delicious.

unless you’re allergic, in which case i will suggest grape benadryl.

Thank you for all the comments guys, I am going to the store tonight so I will be sure to remember some baby/talcum/gold bond powder. ;D

Just found some baby powder. Saved my life bro!