Sticky hand help


Hey there! I was just wondering of some ways to prevent sticky/ sweaty hands. It seems to get in the way of my tricks. Thank you!!


a Yoyo or billiards gloves should work. Or another option is baby powdering your hands.


Would the powder get on the string?


…or in the bearing?


Like said above, a glove would be ideal. But also, keep your hands really clean, and maybe keep a towel handy to wipe your hands every so often. Or maybe even try yoyo under or in front of a fan so your hands can stay aired out/fresh. Hope this helps. :wink:


Or you could wash your hands with harsher soaps or do some cleaning. The solvents make it so your hands don’t sweat. I barely sweat from my hands anymore because I wash my hands so much at work


no if you only use a little and clap or rub your hands together before you use it you should be fine because all the excess would be off.


Wouldn’t playing in front or below a fan interfer with slacks?

(rizkiyoist) #9

Deodorant that supposed to keep your armpits dry works very well.