how to fix sweaty hands?

So I went to a yoyo contest and my hands were so sweaty we were outside anyways I heard you could use scentless anti perspirant spray which kind should I get I cant even find scentless at my walmart! Please help

The tip I’ve heard and I used for a talent show is to wash your hands with a good bit of soap then dry your hands well. It seemed to work fine for me.

Get arrid dry

Someone suggested chalk powder on the string, but i don’t know how that works since in my mind chalk powder + sweat = annoying paste, but some talcum powder on you hands beforehand should go a looong way. Also, gloves ( you can buy cheap billiards gloves)

Baby powder works too.

This happens alot to me when I yoyo in public/compete in contests. I haven’t really found a solution for it other than yoyo gloves which IMO are annoying.

spray deodorant such as arid or right guard

Baby powder works wonders. I always bring it to contests, and others appreciate it too.

Personally, i use baby powder.

Do what Jensen and Gentry do, wipe it on your jeans. ;D

But yeah, baby powder. :slight_smile:

use a shamwow

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Hey, we can’t do that. If we did, we would needour hands amputated because it would suck all the moisture out of our hands and leave them as dry as sandpaper.

Make a yoyo that has foam blades on it, so it can act as a fan :wink:

I started doing this recently, and it really does work on the hand sweat. I have major hand sweat issues, especially in the spring/summer months. So if it can stop my hands from dripping sweat, it should work for anyone.

But I have also noticed that doing this makes my hands extra slick, which is something I am learning to compensate for.