how to make hands dry for contest

I’ve noticed that dry hands make grinding easier. After multiple attempts to to the trick on the video that just happened I learned my attempts in the cold when my hands were ashy and dry was better than me doing it in my well heated house. is there a way for me to my my hands drier than just being in the cold?

A lot of people (Including myself) go wash their hands in hot water and dry them really good like ten minutes before going on stage and they’re usually dry. If it’s like an outdoor contest, Arrid Xtra Dry spray deodorant works as well (I know many people who also use that) but it’s not really made for hands so it might make your fingers crack.

Have you tried talcum powder?

I’ve always used baby powder

usin’ a glove may also be an option…



As others have mentioned, a powdery substance such as chalk, baby powder, etc. Or just use a glove or two :smiley:

When I compete, I’m gonna use blue chalk. :slight_smile:

Actually, blue hands with a blue yoyo would be kinda cool to see. :stuck_out_tongue:

there’s a product called a birdie bag that’s used for disc golf. you can pick one up for like $5 from it’s basically a bag with saw dust and talcum powder. they work awesome and make ya hands super dry. and they’re small enough to keep in a yoyo case or bag.

Now to get a blue code 2…