GRINDING + WINTER GLOVES = :D, ensuing insecurities :(

So, while i was outside today, I was yoying with some gloves that I got at Walgreens/CVS (you know, those cheapy $2 gloves). And wow, did that improve my hand/finger grinds. Suddenly, I was able to do those diagonal palm grinds and bind like Harold Owens III does. I was able to catch it and whatever, without a problem.

Now, does it go to say then that I know how to do the trick even if it was assisted? More importantly, any pointers on how I could improve my progress with this trick without gloves? Clearly, I know how to catch it okay as I can slowly wrap the string around it and get it to bind back with lots of speed (gloves on).

I’m starting to think that my hands are just naturally moist because usually, when I try this trick, the yoyo kind of dances around in my NTH palm and not really grinding. Maybe I should try some chalk dust or something haha

Mainly sharing, but pointers appreciated!

Try washing your hands before throwing. That usually helps a lot for me.

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You are right about some players hands being more moist than others.
I have incredibly dry paws myself :3 which makes grinds as such easier.
If you can do the trick gloved, I would say you can “do it” and proclaim you know how.
For without, it would maybe be impossible for you.

Washing hands before is a good way to get your hands dried. Also, try sprinkling some baby powder on your hands, works just as well of course you will smell like an infant for a while!

Good luck