5A beginner


Hi, i just start to play 5A and i have a couple of questions:

-Can you hand start the yoyo while freehand and if it does what type of hand start ??

-Is there any tips or advice about gripping the strings because my hand sweet like a waterfall just after a few tricks


You can just snap start it like you would in 1A.

People like to hold their counterweights different ways, but I just hold it the way Andre said to in the video I watched. Just watch this video and it should help you:



That’s exactly how i hold it . But the one thing that i can’t avoid is the sweating on my palm , it makes the grip of the string like i’m holding a blocks of butter on my hand @@ and is hard to bind and to catch it . Every times the yoyo return ,it hits my knuckle every single time

(Mitch) #4

As far as the sweaty palms things go, I’d recommend using powder/hand chalk, or getting some gloves.

(Owen) #5

Sweaty hands can be stopped by pretending you’re Jensen or Gentry and wiping them on your shirt.

Or by gloves.

Or by yoyoing in a cold area, like a basement; that is if you have a cold basement (And if you live in Texas, you can’t have a basement! So sorry suckas!)

Or by washing your hands with water and then letting them air dry completely (No using towels man) that usually makes them dry and gross, BUT, good for yoyoing!

Hope I helped yo fool!


Thanks dawg, appriciated it


I can’t imagine what its like for people who live in really humid places… I am surprised there arent more posts about how to get around that because I live in NY USA and when it gets humid I can’t stand yoyoing outside. and worlds is held in FL USA??? What?? ???

(Mitch) #8

Inside a hotel with air conditioning