Ewww sweaty hands.

So what would you guys suggest to counter sweaty hands during a yoyo competition?

anti persp spray before they get sweaty

or gloves or lucky four leaf clovers in your cereal

What about hand sanitizer? Doesn’t that dry your hands?

trust me i did this at my most recent competition and it worked great. take a little bottle of baby powder and put some on your hands and make sure you get both of your hands covered in it then wipe off your hands on a little towel or something and you should be fine.

Bag balm, at first they will be tacky but once your hands absorbe it you will be golden. :wink:

Right before you go up on stage, go to the bathroom and wash your hands with soap and dry them well, even if you have very sweaty hands, the washing will keep them fine and dry the whole freestyle, I know this from experience.
It really works.

You can wear gloves. If you dont want to, Wash your hands with soap and dry it completely.

If that doesnt tickle your fancy, Ask them to bring the competition into an air-conditioned area 8)

baby powder

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wash ur hands the n dry them up well and then put baby powder keeps them dry for a long time


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