You use em or not?

If not why?

And if so I’d like to know what you think of them as well as which ones you use.

Also if I could get some specs on the size of Small,Medium,and Large. (Thinking of getting some but no clue what size I’d need seeing as how a Floridian like me doesn’t buy gloves… Ever…)

I very rarely wear gloves. I did for a one minute freestyle, but that’s it.
The ones I had were skeleton costume gloves that I had from years ago. like those really cheap crappy ones you can find at a halloween shop.
But if you want the whole 3 finger thing, and you wanna test out the fit and how you like them, look for a local billiard store. Billiard gloves are basically the same thing as the duncan gloves.

Tried em’, didnt like em. I dont like not being able to feel the string. I felt like i threw way sloppier when i was wearing a glove. Maybe it was just a matter of getting used them, idk. I also didnt like having to put on a glove everytime i wanted to throw. Annoying. Plus they look pretty dorky IMO.

well I’ve tried one but it kinda feels very slippery like the string wants to come out and I can’t throw as hard as I don’t use it, but it does prevent string buurns like when you do boomerang or fast tricks

I use them for really humid days just so the string don’t stick to my finger. Worst feeling ever.

The specs for Duncan gloves are usually listed with the gloves. If the distance between the base of your palm to the tip of your middle finger is below 6.5" then you need a small, if it is between 6.5 and 7.5 then you need medium, greater than 7.5 is a large.

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I’ve tried Duncan gloves and that other store’s nylon gloves and didn’t like either of them very much. They make me feel like I’m just moving the yoyo around, rather than the yoyo being an “extension of my arm”.

They are great if you like to play really fast, however.

Yeah the reason I’m thinking of getting some is because I cut my finger and it was really annoying to play with while it healed so I was thinking I could use gloves when I cut myself.

Good reason. I had a similar issue recently. But, I’m used to working through pain and discomfort. The thought of gloves never occurred to me.

One of the things that attracted me to yoyo was the lack of equipment. Well, all you need is the yoyo and string, ideally. Of course, it’s a bit more complicated than that, but not if you’re walking around with a yoyo with a broken in bearing and response pads, and a spare string. Maybe when I start playing fast, I might consider gloves but I’d have to get some really bad string burn before I can consider it.

My biggest problem is feel. I have used my hands a LOT to do what I do and they are so used to getting smashed and bashed that there’s a little lack of feeling in there. I am just starting to feel when the string starts to grab for a bind, where-as before I was doing it by eye. I don’t want a layer of anything getting in the way of that just yet or maybe ever. So, for me, I don’t think gloves will be in my future. I doubt I’ll be playing at Mickey speeds. I mean, seriously, the dude throws tricks so fast he should be wearing a seat belt.

Yeah I’ve tried using some gloves (Mittens that my parents still own from when they lived up north and it was a bit odd but I feel like it’s a cheap thing and it could give yoyoing a new feel.

Crazy video If you watch past the 2:02 mark this guy does Eli hops so fast he cuts through his glove.