When you get Duncan Yoyo Glove(s) is there only one?


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Yes there is only one glove

I prefer the YoyoExpert gloves though they fit way better and go with a yoyo that’s not Duncan

(People find it weird that I’m wearing YYJ, Throwing YYJ, but have a Duncan glove)


I have still never used one, Id like to try it out sometime. I put on just normal gloves from wallmart once and tried it, It was kinda cool but I have dry skin so grinding works pretty well without, Is there any other advantage to gloves other than that?


Yeah, you only get one.

While on the subject of gloves, if anybody’s into pool/billiards/snooker, you’ll find that a pool glove is the exact same thing as a yoyo glove- yay for things with multiple uses.


Quite a shame you’ve never used a glove lol jk

Advantages are:
•no string burn

•string lasts longer due to it not getting dirty

•longer spin on grinds

•looks boss

•might not fit

•will eventually wear out and rip (especially Duncan gloves, mine ripped in a month) must replace about every 6 months(depending on the quality of the glove and how much you take care of it, you also have to occasionally wash them)

•tip of glove (fingers) might be loose and the string will wrap around it

That’s it you seriously have got to get your hands on a YYE glove


Well I dont get string burn and change my strings every day but longer grinds and looking like a boss does sound cool haha. I do have huge hands tho so I dunno if they make them in my size, Im kinda a giant lol. Ill have to look into it. But I am intrigued.


I don’t use gloves because they probably won’t fit my big yeti hands.