Gloves for yoyoing

I recently purchased some cotton gloves at my local Walgreens ($4.76), and so far they have worked great. They help with grinds amazingly, and my string is quite rough, although I love the way it holds it’s shape and whips great so this takes care of the roughness. I was wondering if anyone else has tried both the cotton gloves and the Duncan yoyo gloves, and If there is a definite difference. I also didn’t know if anyone uses the cotton gloves.

there’s not really much different. I generally just use halloween costume gloves, if I use gloves at all.
Also, billiard gloves and the duncan gloves are essentially identical. Just you can pick up billiard gloves locally.

I may get some billiards gloves. The cotton gloves are expanding a little bit and don’t snug up like they used to, but I’m about to dry them a lot to shrink them some.

Also… Nylon VS. Cotton gloves?